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Using Analytics to Optimize Mobile Spend by Geography

One of the key uses of your Audience reports in Google Analytics is the ability to drill down into mobile’s performance by geography. Understanding what percentage of your budget is being spent through mobile channels and where is crucial to optimizing your ROI, whether that be conversions or click volume.



To begin, I’d recommend opening your Audience reports, then Mobile, followed by Map Overlay. Once there, you can add specific segments, such as ecommerce transactions, direct traffic, or goal completions, and analyze your mobile traffic on a global scale. If you’re interested in a particular market, you can always do a deep dive in the report or on the map itself.


Once you’ve reviewed the data and identified your top mobile markets by traffic, conversion, or transaction rates, you can then flip to AdWords and optimize your location targeting via additions, exclusions, bid adjustments, or targeted ad copy.


How else do you analyze mobile performance in Google Analytics? Let us know in the comments below!