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Updated Merchant Center Data Views in AdWords

Now when you log in to AdWords, you can see more pertinent Merchant Center information that is impacting your Shopping ads. This includes more Product-level information, such as disapprovals, and a full-on Dashboard and can be found in Tools>Merchant Center in the links to the accounts.



While we still always recommend logging in to Merchant Center itself to check out the Diagnostics tab and to get a holistic view of what the issues/warnings/errors are on Products, this is a great step in integrating that data and showing this to clients. Knowing which Products aren’t running at the moment can impact budget and business decisions as soon as the client is able to identify if that Product is a top performer. Also, since Merchant Center is another platform, if the client doesn’t have access to that you can offer the new information under Tools>Merchant Center as a way for clients to still be informed regarding their Products.



Currently, this is not available in the API or in AdWords Editor interfaces. To view all the changes in detail and how to find them, check out the official Help Center document.