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Upcoming Features that Small Businesses Should Care About

Boy, was the Google Performance Summit on May 24th and exciting!


Of all the announcements, my two favorite upcoming features, are Similar Audiences for Search Network and Demographics for Search Network Both features are already available for the Display Network, and bringing them to the search network will help small businesses remarket and help everyone target more effectively.


In anticipation, I want to discuss their usefulness and how they currently work.


Similar Audiences for Search Ads


Small businesses have been unable to really use remarketing. After all, it is contingent upon the number of users who visit their websites, and if you’re a small business, that number’s not likely to be very large. Similar Audiences for Search Ads helps overcome this by extrapolating your small remarketing list into a huge remarketing list based on similar people, but who have never visited your site.


Similar Audiences cropped.pngThe “Unavailable” will soon be available.


While this new feature may radically change how you advertise, it will be very familiar to those who remarket. Instead of applying your regular audience list, apply the “Similar to” audience list instead.


Demographics for Search Ads


How often have you wanted to target by gender and age? With Demographics for Search Ads (DfSA), this will soon be possible.


age cropped.png



As with Similar Audiences for Search Ads, Demographics will be somewhat familiar to you if you’ve used  the feature in the Display Network. You will be able to adjust bids for age groups by simply clicking the cell on the Max. CPC column and naming your price.


Breaking down your audience by age range will also empower you with insights. If you’re not sure what age makes most sense, you should have a clearer idea, once you compare metrics such as CTR and Conversions with the different age ranges.


This technology has been previously unavailable in Search because of technical limitations. Thanks to your feedback, the teams have worked hard to bring it to search, bridging the gap between intent and context. We hope you make good use of this feature in the coming months.


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June 2016

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July 2016
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July 2016
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