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Transitioning From Paid AdWords to AdGrants

Ad Grants accounts are great for nonprofit organizations that want to expand their web presence on the Google Network. After their application has been approved, clients can get up to $329 per day of free ad spend to use on Search Network campaigns. After being approved for an Ad Grants account, many clients wonder what to do with their existing paid accounts. An important thing to note is that you do not need to start over by making new campaigns if the client's Ad Grants account is approved.

There are actually two main scenarios that can happen depending on the client's needs. In scenario one, the client will want to move their entire strategy to the Ad Grants account and focus on the search network only, leaving behind their display/video campaigns. In scenario two, the client chooses to use the free search advertising in the grants account along with all of the additional features available to them in the paid account.

In the first, you can move the search campaigns from the paid account to the Ad Grants account by using AdWords Editor. After downloading and opening the Editor tool, download both accounts to Editor. Then, open the first paid search account and copy the search campaigns. Then, open the Ad Grants account and paste the search campaigns into Editor. Here, you can either post the changes to the Ad Grants account and make additional changes in the AdWords User Interface, or make all of the changes in Editor first. Either way, you will have to change the individual bids to the maximum of $2 and change the individual budgets of each campaign to total to $329 per day. Keep in mind that the account will stop serving whenever the daily limit of $329 is reached. After making all changes, pause the paid account and then focus entirely on the Ad Grants account.

In the second scenario, follow the above directions and move all of the search campaigns to the Ad Grants account using Editor. Search campaigns will be paused in the paid account, and the remaining campaigns will focus entirely on Display, Video, remarketing or other features.

Keep in mind that AdWords’ double serving policy still applies here. While it is possible to have two accounts, you may not advertise the same url on the same platform. This means that Search ads cannot be used in the paid account.

Tarun D
April 2016

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