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Toolbox Series #8: Social Media Blitz

Toolbox Series #8: Social Media Blitz


With the importance of social media in marketing today, there is no reason every marketer shouldn’t have at least a few good social media tools available when they need them. There are a number of excellent tools to choose from, and, if you’re willing to take the time to look around, there’s guaranteed to be a specific tool out there that will make your life easier.


Many of the available tools for social media are mission-specific - meaning they perform one role well. Without paying for a service, you probably won’t find one-size-fits -all applications or tools, but if you take some time to experiment, you can find several tools that work pretty well together. This is the best way to get the assistance you need - the very specific help you need - without paying for a lot of functionality you’ll never use.


Below is a list of social media tools you might find useful. Try each out and see if it helps. If not, move on to the next, but, if so, add it to your ever-expanding toolbox. The goal is to fill it with tools that save you time and free you up for more important matters. While not quite social media automation, and who would want that anyway, using the right combination of tools can take all the legwork out of social media efforts - giving you more time for strategizing and implementation.




BuzzSumo: This is a great tool for identifying what’s big in your social media sphere - and what to steer clear of. With the topics people are talking about in hand, you can then craft your own content that speaks to that very thing. That’s awesome all in itself, but BuzzSumo takes it a giant leap further. It shows you who has shared the hot topic so that you can reach out to them. It’s a great way to identify influencers and, with the knowledge they shared the same topic, convince them to share yours as well.




Start A Fire: This is a great tool for ensuring that content publishers and the people who share the content are both credited for their efforts. That’s an excellent way to incentivize sharing across platforms. Your badge also offers your content recommendations to everyone who opens or shares your links which works wonders for the expansion of your audience, and, because it was designed to work with all the major social media tools, there’s very little work involved with setup or use.




Qwaya: For all of us who work in Paid Search, Qwaya is the perfect tool to finally start treating your Facebook and Instagram ads the same way you do AdWords. Optimize robust campaigns, run A/B testing, and even scripts make your social media advertising every bit as effective as your AdWords. Well, maybe not that good, but you get the picture. In online advertising, every bit of control helps and that’s exactly what Qwaya gives you.




Oktopost: This is one of the most useful tools on the market for proactively simplifying the sharing of content and all of your collaborative efforts - in-house and out. It does a bit of everything and will quickly become one of the most trusted tools in your toolbox. With so much to offer, it’s best to follow the link and see what fits for your business. With more functionality that you need, and pricing you can afford, this is definitely a tool worth investigating.




Quuu: When it comes to promoting content, there’s nothing out there to beat Quuu. Their service is all about sharing quality content, so each article you submit is reviewed by a real, live human being to ensure only good content makes the cut. Once you’re approved, your content is added to their impressive distribution network and you can begin tracking the clicks and shares your article generates.




TweetDeck: If you like Twitter, if you use it for anything, then you should have TweetDeck in your toolbox. More than just a way to publish to multiple accounts, TweetDeck gives you the ability to build dashboards that give you instant access to real-time data. It really is the web’s most powerful Twitter tool for tracking, organizing, and engagement - just as they advertise.


Any of these tools will make excellent contributions to your social media efforts if you take the time to find out their functions and apply them whenever possible. After all, that’s what they were designed for, so put each to the test and judge the results for yourself. You’re sure to uncover a few that fit your needs and, hopefully, even expand your social media horizons.


Thanks for reading, have a great week! 


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May 2017

@Spencer_Wade Wow, so many great tools here and some I have never heard of until reading this article so thank you!