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Toolbox Series 1: Calculators

Toolbox Series 1: Calculators


One of the perks of being the CEO of a digital marketing agency is the access to tools we use in-house to get our specific tasks completed. I, as the one who makes final decisions on hardware and software, get to work with an amazing assortment of free and paid tools on a daily basis. Many of these tools even offer a free trial period, so there really is no danger to testing them out - financially speaking.


The fact is, these tools can save you time and money - not to mention stress and headaches. This week we’re going to focus on calculators. It may seem like an odd place to start, but a good calculator program can save you time and frustration when dealing with reporting and other issues. Here are some that we use all the time:



Event ROI Calculator


Events are an excellent way to get your business name out into the public and network with others in your community. Their value is undeniable, yet marketers know just how difficult it is to determine the leads and revenue generated from such an event. Event Farm fixed this issue with their handy Event ROI Calculator.





Advertising ROI Calculator


Everyone knows that online advertising can be difficult and expensive. Thankfully, HubSpot has come up with an awesome calculator for determining Ad Spend ROI. Their tool breaks down your budget to identify the costs you can spend, sets a value for advertising customers, and produces a legitimate value for return on investment - all based off the budget you entered to begin.




Digital Marketing Budget Calculator


Determining the portion of your marketing budget dedicated to different marketing avenues can be difficult at best. Web Strategies has come up with an excellent tool to use when you need help understanding how much budget should be allocated to each marketing effort. It really does help determine monthly and annual budgets with just a small amount of input from you. Think of it as a baseline number to work from.




A/B Test Significance Calculator


The good folks at Kissmetrics have come up with an awesome tool for determining whether or not your conversion experiments pass a significance test. Basically, it will inform you if changing the wording of your ad or email subject line really had an effect on CTR or email open rates.




Email Marketing ROI Calculator


Entrepeneur.com came up with a great tool for determining ROI from email marketing campaigns. All you do is set criteria (audience size, response rate, etc.) and the calculator finds the cost, revenue, and profit from that specific email campaign. There are few better ways to understand the effectiveness of your email marketing, so this is a tool every marketer should have.




Inbound Marketing ROI Calendar


The team at HubSpot makes our list again with their inbound marketing ROI calculator. This is pretty simple stuff, but it can give you a baseline number you can use to determine the worth of this particular marketing avenue. The truth is, there is never too much data in this business, so a tool like this will give you another number to use in your own decision-making.




Customer Acquisition Cost Calculator


There are a number of vital metrics in business and CAC (customer acquisition cost) is definitely one of them. This is the overall cost to a business in acquiring a customer, and, while it will be guesswork to some degree, the number is still important because of its impact on a business’ plans to expand, its forecasting of future revenues, and its allocation of marketing resources. Knowing a figure, even a ballpark one, will be helpful when determining what will work and what won’t. Thank RenegadeWork for their excellent effort.


The calculator programs we’ve covered are excellent tools for cutting down the amount of time you spend on formulas and give you more time for formulating successful marketing strategies. Give them all a try and keep them in your toolbox. You never know when they may come in handy.


Anything missing, know about one that is not listed above? Share in the comments below.

Hope you find these useful, Have a great week! 

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