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The Shopping Spree: Making the Most of your Shopping Campaigns!

Every hard worker deserves a shopping spree every once in a while, so let's talk Shopping campaigns! Shopping campaigns continue to enjoy success as a part of our AdWords campaign line-up. A fact that many advertisers don't know is that our Product Listing Ads (PLAs) can co-exist with your normal Search Network text ads on the same keyword search! Setting up supplemental Shopping campaigns to showcase your products is a great way to increase your presence on important keyword searches, and reach customers looking to buy online. 

Here are a couple great tips for advertisers looking to run, or who are currently running Shopping campaigns!

1. Be descriptive. Shopping campaigns do not utilize keywords like in other campaign types. Instead, we pull targeting information from the product descriptions of your products directly from your data feed to determine in which keyword auctions your ads will appear. Be as descriptive as possible of your products when writing your product descriptions! The more information provided in this section, the better we can match your products to only their most relevant consumers!

2. Be organized. Creating product groups is a great way to maximize your performance for your Shopping Campaigns. When creating a Shopping campaign, you automatically start with the product group ""All products"". By subdividing this group further, you can better control individual and organized product bids. For example, subdividing by categories such as brand or product type may allow higher bids on more competitive products. We even offer a ""custom label"" subdivision that allows you to insert your own organizational labels for your bidding purposes.

3. Be enticing. Show off those awesome products with a variety of Shopping campaign features. A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure to use high-quality product images and promotional messages such as ""Free shipping!"" to hook those who hover over your ads. Utilize a ""sale_price"" column in your data feed to dynamically change your ad's display price alongside any online sales you may run. Lastly, ensure your website checkout process on your website is simple, direct, and mobile-friendly. Shopping is now an ""on-the-go"" activity, so presence in the mobile space is the key to success. 

Have any Shopping Campaign experiences? Comment below with any Shopping campaign questions (or experiences you've had), and I'll be happy to address them! 

As always, from the Google floor to you, we hope you have a great week and happy advertising!

All the best,