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The Multiplying Power of Success

The Multiplying Power of Success


As advertising professionals, we are geared toward creating successful campaigns that lead to conversions, which means success for our clients. When we do this, we feel great about our abilities; our clients are happy and reflect that happiness onto us.


This cycle of winning is the power of success that we must pursue at all times in order to multiply its winning effects back to ourselves. Because once you achieve success, it is easier to do it again… and again. You might have noticed that a winning race team or sports team will generally win again and again over a course of years, yet a losing team will continue to lose.


And this can happen to anyone who gets too comfortable with losing and accepts it as a possible outcome. You do not want to have this mentality set in on you. Resist it at all costs. Demand excellence from yourself and your team at all times. Set the bar high and aim even higher.


Okay, so you hear me and say to yourself, “yeah, whatever, I get it”… but do you?


You must take steps to put the power of success to work for you.



Many of us have heard this from the elders in our lives since we were little. Even still, many of us dismiss it as a lecture that nagged us and therefore we simply don’t put it to use as adults. But it is valuable guidance, because you have to start any journey with the knowledge of where you are starting from and a target of where you want to end. Do this for your clients; do this for your agency; and do this for yourself.



Once you know your goal-- which could be a performance achievement, a new car, a worldly trip, a gift to your spouse or something much smaller— you have to create a structure to support it. Ask yourself, “How do I make this goal happen?” This process will clarify your strengths and weaknesses and provoke questions about where to start.


The answer? Setting priorities that structure your goal into manageable steps.



A goal cannot be achieved without focused action that leads to completed steps. And you cannot do that without ordering tasks by priority of importance. You need to prioritize your actions with a constant eye on your finished goal.



No matter how organized you are, if you do not actually complete any steps that lead to your goal… it will never materialize. There are many great ideas and opportunities that get started and then die on the vine. And when this happens again and again, it leads to that dreaded comfortability with losing.


Winners do not quit, they continue to push forward no matter what, which is what makes it possible for them to win. You can win and make winning your signature mark, which is what I am hoping you will do. When you become a winner, you, your family, your community, your agency and your clients all become winners with you.



In order to truly harness this power of winning, you will want to remove all negativity from your life. You must reinforce your goal with the belief that you can achieve it, and that the sooner you do, the better your life will be. Remind yourself daily, or even multiple times daily, that you are smart, capable and a winner… and be that.   


Power Tip #1

You can make your goals happen faster by training and studying. You must acquire the skills and habits that support your new goals. If you stop learning and retraining bad habits, you will be stuck right back where you were-- or possibly worse.


Power Tip #2

Do you know what most successful people have in common? They communicate well and work effectively with others. Even if you have a great idea, if you cannot present it persuasively, your chances of success are reduced.


Power Tip #3

The final keyword is respect. Respect yourself and respect everyone you encounter; on the phone, in person, in an email, and online. Without applying respect, your path to success will be frustrated… and lonely.  


I hope you have enjoyed this article of mine. It is presented to you with sincere hopes for your success. Everyone can be more successful and I hope when you do, you will stop back by and share your unique journey with us so that it will motivate someone else to set a goal and complete it.


Best Wishes on Your Unique Journey,


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J. Clemens, Panama City Beach, FL -- I am a Google AdWords, Analytics and Mobile Sites Certified Individual serving businesses throughout the United States. My agency, Mica Specialties, is a Google Partner and technology consultancy involved in all aspects of marketing, web development, computer design, and IT services. Mica Specialties was founded in 1992 with deep roots in product design. I am an avid fan of Alphabet (and their products) and enjoy learning while helping others.