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The Cut Heard Round the World - Using Structured Snippet Extensions

Oh mio dio! After a very successful beta, one of our newest ad extensions features is now available in over 10 languages within the AdWords interface. From Spanish to Russian, and Polish to Japanese, enjoy the use of structured snippets in globally-focused campaigns.

Structured Snippets are the newest ad extension to grace the Ad Extensions tab in Search Network campaigns. They enable you to extend your ad text with relevant ""snippets"" about amenities you offer, services you provide, or programs available to consumers. Simply navigate to the Ad Extension tab and pick from one of our many ""Header"" options. Once you've picked a relevant Header, use the remaining white boxes to list features of your business that match your selected header.

For example, are you advertising on behalf of a hotel chain? Choose the ""Amenities"" header to list all of the hotel offerings such as wi-fi, hot tubs, and room service. How about a boutique clothing store? Use the ""Brand"" column to list all of those boutique brands to entice fans of those brands to check out the online store! Additionally, we've added a brand new header: ""Models."" This is perfect for collectible companies, car dealerships, or real estate agents to list all of the models of goods (or beautiful homes) they offer. 

The best part? There is no maximum number you can list, so go wild! While the number of structured snippets we show is space dependent, we don't have a firm maximum, so we recommend structuring as many snippets as you can muster!