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The Benefits of Bumpers

Launched to advertisers in Spring of 2016, Bumper ads are a great complement to traditional, longer-format video advertising content. Bumper ads are :06 second long, non-skippable ads that serve on Youtube and GDN, making them advantageous for both advertisers and consumers.


Half of 18-49 year olds turn to their mobile device first to watch video, highlighting an opportunity for Bumper ads to make an impact on brand lift and awareness despite small screens and the short attention spans that come along with them!




Everyone loves a short ad.


Chief among the benefits of Bumper ads would be the short duration of the video creatives. The fact that the ads only last :06 seconds make them far more tolerable for consumers, and obviously make advertisers happy that the non-skippable format allows their full message and branding to be conveyed.


The shorter video lengths then help to boost ad recall and brand awareness beyond longer, skippable video formats by providing an engaging and guaranteed consumption of a message that is short, sweet and to the point. The shorter ad lengths make Bumpers the most frequently served video format, which allows for the highest visibility possible.




“But Nick, I’m operating on a tight budget so I don’t have room to try new things” Smiley Sad


No worries at all! Bumpers actually have the cheapest CPMs of all video formats (great for brand awareness). What’s more, the short creatives mean quicker development time, which means quicker to market.


PRO TIP: if working on a tight budget, consider cutting down longer creatives rather than creating new ones from scratch.


Re-engagement through remarketing.


Many advertisers have found that Bumpers are an efficient remarketing tool, allowing them to easily re-communicate to an engaged audience before, during or after specific campaigns and initiatives to drive even greater brand impact. Make sure to link your YouTube Channel to your AdWords account and create video remarketing lists for viewers of all video creatives prior to setting them live (in order to garner as many cookies as possible).


PRO TIP: You may want to consider these 3 remarketing/sequencing tactics:


  1. Target a Bumper ad to previous viewers of your InStream creative to follow up with a reminder, a reinforcement or a related message.
    1. You can even run multiple Bumpers to reinforce many points at once, or to distinguish follow-up messaging between different remarketing audiences. For example, you could run one quick Bumper to those who viewed your InStream creative, and another to those who didn’t.
  2. Alternatively, tease with a Bumper ad up front to get the consumer engaged and interested, then remarket your longer-form content to previous viewers of the Bumper to convey a full message or provide more impactful content or offers.
  3. Or, you can simply run InStream and Bumper creatives simultaneously to maximize reach and stretch budgets. 


Think ahead!


In addition to impressions and views, you should plan to use Unique Reach reporting to assess incremental reach of Bumpers (especially on mobile) and Brand Lift studies (ask your Google sales manager if your campaign qualifies) to track impact from brand awareness and ad recall down to consideration and purchase intent.


You should also note that only impression pixels and click trackers are accepted on Bumper ads. Tracking types like Skips and Views that are accepted on longer video ads are excluded from Bumpers due to the very nature of their short, non-skippable format.


En somme, Bumper ads are an excellent way to bump up your branding to engaged, mobile-first demographics or markets in an easily consumable, inexpensive way.


So why not try out Bumper ads for your next brand initiative? Check out some great examples here and here and get really creative in 6 seconds.

Northpoint T
June 2017

I'm finding Bumper ads to be of little value. Firstly from the niumber of clicks we get only 30% are actually being recorded as sessions and the rest have a 1 second average time on site with a 98% bounce. In othyer words people are probably clicking the ads by mistake probably thinking thay can skip them. I mean 6 seconds is not a lot of time to absorb the mesage and then click the ad's call to action?


The follow-on, remarket startgeies take a lot of time and syncronisation, boeyonf what most average acverstisers would bother to do unless you have the busget for an ad agenecy to do it for you. The 15-30 sec ads are still IMO much more valuable and easier to determine ROI.