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Target CPA for Display Campaigns

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Ever wanted to try out the Google Display Network, but wanted to keep your account conversion focused?


For clients like you, Google has been taking steps to make its display platform more performance focused. This gives businesses the ability to execute brand initiatives while keeping performance metrics top of mind.


Earlier this year, Google launched a new version of Target CPA for the Google Display Network. Historically, in order to use Target CPA, campaigns had to have 15 conversions in the last 30 days. Now, there are zero eligibility requirements, allowing you to access Target CPA on your Display campaigns from Day 1. However please note that there will still be a learning period of 2-4 weeks.


Target CPA is a smart bidding strategy that automatically sets bids to get the campaign as many conversions as possible at the target cost per acquisition (CPA) you set. Target CPA uses machine learning and real time auction insights to optimize bids for every auction. Over 70 million variables are considered in each auction which allows advertisers to get more conversions, while spending less time optimizing their campaigns manually. On average, Target CPA drives 20% more conversions versus manual CPC bidding.


How to start? All you need is to have conversion tracking set up in the account with AdWords Conversion Tracking, MCC Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics Goals or Offline Conversion Import.


You’re probably wondering how Target CPA can perform without any campaign history? By starting your campaign on Target CPA from Day 1, the campaign will benefit from a quicker ramp up. In the past, it was recommended that campaigns be started on enhanced CPC, but with the new product update, it is now recommended that campaigns be started on Target CPA. Keep in mind that Target CPA can have trouble performing until the ad group reaches 2 conversions/day. Please see this bidding guide to assess the performance of low volume campaigns/ad groups.


See below some best practices for using Target CPA on your Display Campaigns:

  1. Don’t over- segment your campaigns into too many ad groups
  2. Limit your CPA target changes to +/- 20%
  3. Wait one week before evaluating results
  4. Limit changes to your campaigns or make them all at once

Target CPA allows advertisers to scale their targeting and achieve their goal CPA. The new zero eligibility requirement for Target CPA on the Display Network will be crucial for allowing advertisers to expand their reach, drive quality website traffic, and benefit from the performance data needed to make better marketing decisions.  



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Eric d
July 2017

 Thanks a lot Alex.


WhatAd Rotate do your reccomend with a Target CPA bid strategy?


Best regards.

Raj V
April - last edited April

Hi Alex W,


I think it is one year old article, however google retired the "optimize for conversion" for adrotation.

now is these effectively perform for disaply cpa?


Is it ture do we need MCC conversion tracking needed for these? 

For display network target cpa, which type of image ad best for more conversion? any examples.

Do i copy from search cpa campaign to display cpa campaign as new?


Your answers will be very helpful.


Best regards,

Raj v