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Simply Brilliant - Ad Format Gallery by Google

Are you struggling to keep up with the latest ad types for AdWords, DoubleClick, AdSense and AdMob?


If you are, then you will really like the intelligent design of the Ad Format Gallery by Google. It’s a collection of all ad types that will allow you to easily compare features, uses and fitness for your specific needs.  


  • Native Ads on AdSense
  • TrueView in-stream ad
  • Outstream video ads
  • Backdrop Ad
  • Universal App Campaign: App Install
  • Responsive Ad on the Display Network
  • Dynamic image ad
  • Dynamic text ad
  • TrueView for Shopping
  • TrueView discovery ad
  • Bumper ad
  • Video Masthead on YouTube Homepage
  • Gmail Ads
  • Lightbox ad
  • Native Content Ad on AdMob
  • Native Ad on DoubleClick
  • Page-level Ad
  • Image Ad on the Display Network
  • Text Ad on the Display Network


Fair warning, there is a lot to explore, so allow plenty of time to look around the gallery. Once you have reviewed each of the ad types, there is still plenty more to absorb from this rich resource. Let’s look at the sections offered:


The Advertiser Showcase is both entertaining and engaging for anyone in the advertising industry. It’s a collection of rich media ads from some the world’s top creative agencies. You can even submit your own creatives, too, which is pretty cool. 


The Ad Component Gallery is a robust construction zone that takes apart the components of rich media ads. Get your hands dirty with some digital ad fun. 


The Rich Media Tools is a directory of seven distinct categories covering Certified Users, Display Benchmarks, HTML5 Starter Files, Library, Recommendation Engine, and Template Database. Talk about getting your ad engines revving high.  


The Product Information digs in to some truly expansive categories that encompass DoubleClick Studio, Dynamic, Education, Google Web Designer, Help Center, Mobile and HTML5, Layouts, Lightbox Ads, Studio Certification and the Tech Lab. You will read case studies and expand your understanding of these subjects and how they correlate to advertising success for you, your clients and your agency. 


I hope you will explore all of these and then stop back by to tell us what you discovered.


Best Wishes on Your Unique Journey,



about James Clemens

J. Clemens, Panama City Beach, FL -- I am a Google AdWords, Analytics and Mobile Sites Certified Individual serving businesses throughout the United States. My agency, Mica Specialties, is a Google Partner and technology consultancy involved in all aspects of marketing, web development, computer design, and IT services. Mica Specialties was founded in 1992 with deep roots in product design. I am an avid fan of Alphabet (and their products) and enjoy learning while helping others.

Trevor_Stewart Top Contributor
July 2017

Great post James! 


James_Clemens Top Contributor
July 2017

Thank you, Trevor. Smiley Happy


The Ad Format Gallery is not well known by many... but a feature pack system worth exploring.