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Simplify Your Feed With Google Sheets

Google sheet add-ons can be a great way to simplify creating a Google feed. With add-ons, you can leverage the sheet's built-in enumeration of possible attribute values, auto-completion of attribute values, validation sidebar for real-time feed, and ability to update the feed directly from the sheet.


If you are not currently utilizing add-ons, follow these step-by-step directions:


1. Navigate to the Chrome Store and download the Merchant Center add-ons by going to the Add-Ons tab.

2. Install the add-on and grant necessary permissions.

3. Sidebar will pop up.

4. Enter data into your spreadsheet and click "validate”, or “access plugin functionality through the menu” and use the auto-complete function for the headers.

5. Validate individual rows while entering in data.

6. Finish creating the feed and submit for approval.


A common error that large manager accounts face is exceeding the data limit for the sheet add-on. Currently, you can store 2,000,000 cells of data. Since there are typically about 12 required attributes, this translates to around 145,000 total products. While submitting your feed, in addition to checking your total products, also check the cell count and make sure not to exceed it.