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Should we buy brand keywords? How to do it right!

Should we buy brand keywords? How to do it right!

Many advertisers will say that brand keywords are essential to a successful AdWords campaign yet there are many reasons to argue that statement. Is a campaign successful if most conversions come from a brand keyword or key phrase? In the case where you are paying to high for brand key terms it can easily eat up your daily budget not allowing you to compete in the auction for keywords that were targeted. Would those conversions have not been picked up under an organic search result? Most brands if not all will show up 1st in organic search result for their brand name.






Buying brand name keywords is an important part of a successful campaign yet should be bought at a fraction of the price. Brand keywords should never cost anywhere near what a competitive keyword should. If I show up organically why should I pay anything for a paid result?

The highest click-through rates available is when you have a top 3 or now top 4 paid result with a #1 organic or even a local search result.



Whenever we audit an AdWords account we make sure to see just how many conversions came from brand searches and it opens a door to really challenge the quality of the campaign and its true ability to compete for competitive keywords.


So what should I pay for my brand keywords?

Remember AdWords is an auction, so if your opening bid is high, Google will take it and run with it no problem. Yet because of the relevance of the landing page, URL and authority vs the keyword, AdWords algorithm will allow that keyword to move in a #1 position for a fraction of the price compared to a competitor buying their brand name.



How to lower the cost of your brand keywords?

This is the fun part; I call it pushing your weight; it works like this…. Take all your brand keywords and reduce your bid by 5 – 10% every week while monitoring your keywords position making sure it remains >2nd position. This will continue to lower the bid on those brand keywords while keeping your position due to AdWords measuring the quality of result vs the keyword but don’t reduce your bid to quick because this trick won’t work. This tip will allow you to lower your brand keyword bids and allow you to keep more budget for other keywords.



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March 2016 - last edited March 2016

I find brand term campaign share of the budget usually to be very small in comparison to other, non-branded keywords, and conversion share large enough to keep serving to brand terms. When the case is indeed as illustrated above, @Trevor_Stewart, spending on a click right above #1 Organic result doesn't make any sense. Why pay for a click if you're guaranteed to get it free?


However, when brand terms are inexpensive, it is a small price to pay to 1) push competing organic results further below the fold, and 2) muscle out or scare off a potential competitor out of the ad space that belongs rightfully to you, and you alone. Smiley Happy I always keep brand term campaigns running with unlimited budget too. As a way to protect Brand Awareness investment earned.