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Scoring a Touchdown with AdWords: Campaigning Around Events

Did you know that, in 2008, Tom Petty's Super Bowl performance increased his total digital music downloads by over 350% in the week following the Super Bowl? Similarly, the 26 songs performed at the 2015 Grammys gathered over 2 million downloads one day after the Grammys aired on television. Setting up AdWords campaigns around major events, conferences, or spectacles in your area may help you capitalize on digital traffic at its peak!

While we may not all have businesses that relate to the Grammys, some additional market research may help you identify locations or areas where your customers are gathering next. Whether they be around local community events, business-led conferences, or even worldwide spectacles (like the Super Bowl), a short-lived event-based campaign may be a useful strategy for you to pursue for your next AdWords venture.

Here are some suggestions for event-based advertising with Google AdWords:

1. Identify the start and end date of the event in question. For example, multi-day conferences usually keep customers in surrounding hotels or venues for three to four days. Use this information to set an appropriate start and end date in the Settings tab of your campaign. Has the conference ended? So has your campaign! It's a quick way to ensure you're spending money on clicks for the right audience at the right time. 

2. We've all been in this situation: the speaker is dry, the refreshments are empty, and you've got three hours left of the event. Where is the the only place left to turn? Your mobile phone! Mobile-focused advertising is huge when targeting events, so consider strategies that prioritize mobile devices (mobile bid adjustments, call-only campaigns, etc.). Or, use examples like  this to persuade a business to build out a mobile-optimized site!

3. Remarketing is a huge help here! After all is said and done, utilize remarketing to recapture those audiences that showed interest, but did not convert the first time around. Remarketing helps re-capture event-goers interest when they browse through our Display Network.

Thanks again, everyone! As a North Carolina native and Carolina Panthers fan, I do (hesitantly) wish congratulations to the Denver Broncos and their fans on their Super Bowl win last week! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to comment below!

As always, best wishes from the Google floor to you!