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Say Goodbye to Google Trusted Stores!

This week Google Trusted Stores is migrating to Google’s new platform Google Customer Reviews program. Google Customer Reviews  will be managed via your Google Merchant Center account. You will be able to access the Google Customer Reviews section of the Merchant Center, and access valuable statistics, and review the program’s technical requirements and agreements. If you currently have a Google Trusted Center, you should have already received email communications about the migration.


What’s the difference between Trusted Stores and Google Customer Reviews?


Google Customer Reviews make it easier for you to get customer feedback about purchases made on your website. It also gives you more flexibility on how you let customers know you’re in the Google Customer Review program. For example, in the old Trusted Stores program adding a badge to your site was required, but it is optional in the Google Customer Reviews program. Another major difference is that Google Customer Reviews does not have a purchase protection service like the Trusted Store program. In this sense, Google Customer Reviews is more focused on collecting high quality reviews and helping advertising achieve an optimal Seller Rating.


Most other program features will remain the same, see below for the main feature differences:


Here are 5 popular questions about the platform migration:


1. When does purchase protection end?

Purchase protection will still be valid up to 60 days after your initial Trusted Stores opt-in date. Google will continue to support purchase protection for all purchases in which the customers opted to receive this coverage.

2. Will you still receive a badge for your website?

You will still get a badge to be placed on your website. However adding a badge to your site is now optional and not mandatory.

3. What will happen to those users who are automatically migrated over to Google Customer Reviews?

If your website is automatically converted over to the new Customer Reviews platform, then your current Trusted Stores badge will be replaced with the Google Reviews badge. As a note, reviews will not start being visible on your storefront. The new Customer Reviews assets will be very similar to the content of Trusted Stores.

4. Will this affect my Seller Rating?

You Seller Star Rating will not be affected by the migration and starting this month, you can see your star rating via the Google Merchant Center.

5. Will the Trusted Stores extensions still show on my Search Ads or my Shopping Ads?

No, the Trusted Stores Search Review Extension and Shopping Ads Trusted Stores Annotation will no longer be displayed. This is so Google can better focus our support on getting merchants higher quality reviews and seller ratings.

The new Google Customer Reviews allows for Google to drive higher quality results to their sellers and help them get Seller Ratings. See below for the results and benefits they’ve seen so far with the program:

  • The GCR Badge drives confidence from users to buy on your website
  • Helps with both Search and Shopping ad performance
  • Seller Ratings may create a 10% CTR uplift on text ads
  • Generally creates CTR uplift on Google Shopping
  • Minimal eligibility requirements coupled with a lightweight technical integration
  • Collect valuable customer reviews and qualify for seller ratings that show up on your search ads and Google Shopping
  • Better customize the way the Google badge and opt-in appear on your site
  • Spend less time maintaining your account
  • Get more insight into your seller rating


See below for some resources that will help you get started with Google Customer Reviews:

Make sure you’re ready for the migration! Already moved over to Google Customer Reviews? Let us know about your experience with the new platform!

Roland P
March 2017 - last edited March 2017

I'm curious if there will be an API for the Google Customer Reviews program




(were an automotive aftermarket digital marketing agency 


Integrate a reviews section  on my clients websites  backend user profile page. Anybody finish setting this up for a client yet? 


I've the developer guide open just incase tehre is a reference point. Thanks GPC