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Revitalizing Remarketing

Ask any of my friends on the floor here at Google and they'll tell you one thing: I love remarketing. I know almost everything about it and I'm a huge fan of the possibilities that a small snippet of code can bring to small and medium businesses. Remarketing is a reality for almost all businesses that utilize Google AdWords, and I highly recommend setting up at least one remarketing campaign to recapture those individuals who didn't quite convert on the first visit to your website. According to a study here at Google, remarketed audiences on the search network are three times more likely to convert upon a second visit to your website. Getting more impressions and clicks is great, but sometimes it can be equally important to turn impressions to clicks and clicks to conversions with clever remarketing strategies.

Here are a few tips for maximizing your remarketing performance and reaching specific audiences that were close to converting, but didn't quite take the leap:

1) Shopping Cart Abandoners: Did you know that 70% of consumers abandon their shopping carts before purchasing? Using the "Visitors of a page who did not visit another page" list option in AdWords, specify your shopping cart page as the "visitors of a page" and your completed order page as your "did not visit this page" in order to create a list of Shopping Cart abandoners. Utilize more refined ad text to remarket directly to these audiences to encourage them to return to the site and complete your checkout process. Emphasize a fast, secure, and easy checkout process to ensure that customers come back for the last steps of a purchase!

2) Tiered Service Upselling: Remarketing can help you recaputure audiences who previously converted with small product or service bundles and upsell them on higher priced bundles. For example, create a remarketing list of individuals who purchased basic levels of services and create tailored ads pitching them on "premium" levels of service that they may not have considered on their first visit around. With this strategy, you can build brand loyalty and become the "go-to" for your current customers.

3) Holiday Extravaganzas: Seasonal or holiday products benefit from remarketing by allowing you to cyclically reach the previou customers at the right time of year! Be in the right place at the right time by utilizing a remarketing list of consumers who purchased seasonal goods to find them again the next season! For example, a flower shop may utilize remarketing to encourage repeat bouquet purchases year after year with seasonal AdWords campaigns. This strategy works well for goods that rely on specific wearther conditions, typical holiday gifts, or services that are only required during certain parts of the year.

Have you ever utilized remarketing in a creative way? Leave a comment below explaining your prior strategies and how they worked for you!

As always, from the Google floor to you, we hope your week is getting off to a great start and we wish you all the best of luck in your advertising!

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