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Putting the "G" back in Gmail

Putting the "G" back in GMail! (by Kenneth Hamilton) 

One of the newest AdWords targeting features to consider taking advantage of during the post-holiday season are Gmail Sponsored Promotions, or GSPs for short. Google ads have enjoyed continued success across our Search and Display networks, but we've expanded our placement options to the Promotions tab within the GMail interface as well! 

With GSPs, Google scans the last couple hundred messages in a consumer's inbox to determine if your ad is relevant to their recent interactions. All of those post-holiday receipts, flights, reservations, and other communication will help you to identify audiences that are already actively involved in researching your products! Likewise, since this is a rather new feature, we're seeing pretty large click-through rates and lower click costs in a less-competitive environment. 

Here are some helpful tips and tricks for maximizing your GMail ads for super-charged performance:

1) Many consumers use darker Gmail display themes. Contrast this dark background with a colorful and striking ad to help your ad stand out against the GMail interface. 

2) Consider pursuing a "run of network" campaign - that is, consider using "mail.google.com" as a placement without any other targeting criteria. This works great for awareness campaigns and delivers a wide reach. The Gmail interface is perfect for this since it is a newer feature and many advertisers are not taking advantage of it just yet!

3) Use the Ad Schedule tab in your Settings to apply bid adjustments to timeslots when most people check their email clients - early in the day, lunchtime, and directly after work in your time zone!

4) Add in some often-used email exact match buzzwords in your display keywords to target your consumers. Adding words like "confirmation" or "reservation" to your existing keywords may help target people who have previously engaged in similar products or services. It's like a light version of remarketing! 

Get started with GMail Sponsored Promotions with a quick "Under 5 Minutes" implementation video here:


Likewise, feel free to leave any comments or questions about GSPs below and I'd be more than willing to help! Happy advertising!