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Optimizing Your Shopping Campaign

Oh, ecommerce… How mystical is thine, for online shops such as mine.




If there’s one space that gets as much attention as mobile, it’s ecommerce. Which is why I want to to talk about optimizing shopping campaigns.


There’s not much to it, making it all the more difficult. After all, there’s no ad to refine, and no keyword to test either.


So what’s left? The products themselves.


On the Merchant Center side:

This may seem like a no-brainer, but far too often, the feeds I observe are barren, lacking categorization and description.


If you want to show up a lot, you should really provide Google with as detailed of a description as possible. This means including as many attributes as you can, such as size and color, and having a good description. You can get a good idea of great descriptions just by searching for different products, and seeing what shows up at the top.


On the AdWords side:

Read our resource: Monitor and optimize your Shopping campaigns.

Basically, information is power. So, use it and adjust bids and organize your products accordingly :-) .


If you haven’t already, please check out my article: having an optimization checklist. It goes into depth on optimizing search campaigns.