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Multi Client Center (MCC) Linking Limits

To manage a large number of accounts, many partners segment their clients’ AdWords accounts into groups that are connected to a Multi Client Center account managed by a member of an Agency. Typically, this MCC is connected to a larger main MCC. Please keep in mind the following limits when you organize accounts using multiple MCCs.


  • An MCC can have only 85,000 total accounts in the hierarchy.
  • An individual child account can be connected to a maximum of five different MCCs.
  • An individual child account can be buried under a maximum of four MCCs. In essence, this would mean Master Client MCC → Sub MCC 1 → Sub MCC 2 → Sub MCC 3 → Child Account.
  • An MCC can  be managed by only one Parent MCC at a time.


For example, you cannot link a sub MCC to the Main MCC, a bid management system, Salesforce, and another Main MCC at the same time. Attempting to do so will yield an error: “this client is already linked to the maximum number of managers.”


  • An MCC can hold up to 20 pending invitations at one time. This is particularly important when you create a new MCC. The system will give an error message if you have 21 or more pending invitations for the child account linkage.

Benjamin Y

Hi thanks for the article. Helps to clarify MCC management.


Question. On the Child Account that you stated, is it the base level MCC or an adwords account?

So can I assume that the Google AdWords Account is not the "Child Account" right?


Is there a limit to the number of MCC that a Adwords Account can be linked to?


Karina S

I don't have even close to 85,000 accounts and its saying I have a maximum number of accounts already. 


Hi Karina,


There have been some adjustments to this information since its publishing in 2016. Today, there are limits based on spend levels of the total counts housed within the AdWords Manager Account (old name: My Client Center/MCC).


Kind Regards,