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Mobile Searches and User Proximity

When you’re on-the-go and you need something now, how do you search? If you’re like me, you probably pull out your phone, fire up Google, and search something like “coffee shop near me.” You find a local shop right down the street, walk in, and buy an Americano.


This is an example of a micro-moment: those real-time, mobile-driven actions that fulfill your “I want to” moments, such as buy, know, or go. If you’re an advertiser, agency, or consultant in the digital marketing world, capitalizing on these micro-moments will be crucial to your strategy.



As it stands, “mobile makes up 88% of all ‘near me’ searches, with those mobile searches growing at 146% year over year,” based on Google internal search data, U.S., mobile devices, 2014-2015. Thus, the number of users engaging in micro-moments is increasing rapidly — and your vertical will no doubt feel this shift.


My question to the community: How do you, your agency, or your clients leverage micro-moments and structure campaigns to focus on mobile? What roadblocks are you experiencing? How can we help?


Let’s get a discussion rolling!