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Location Extensions Now Include Business Hours

 Location extensions for clients with physical addresses are always a must. A new value-add when pitching Google My Business and the creation of location extensions is the inclusion of business hours onto Desktop, which will cover regular hours, holiday hours, and other hours exceptions.




Location extensions are great for many reasons. Number 1 is, in order to link to Google Maps and have customers click-to-get-directions, you have to have them enabled. Additionally, for widespread betas such as the new Automotive Dealership ads, you have to have location extensions in order for Google to make sure you qualify. Number 2 is new innovations such as the business hours that are great for users.


Location extensions start with the basic creation of a Google My Business account (https://goo.gl/niv031) where you can enter in your address and business information. These are completely free, and also can potentially generate space on the righthand side of the search results, so they’re a great value-add to clients. Make sure to create your GMB account with the same admin login email as AdWords to facilitate an easy linking. 24 hours after you’ve created GMB and have the proper emails, when you go back to AdWords in the Ad Extensions>Location Extensions tab, you’ll see your location automatically imported over. Apply it at the account level to hit every campaign, or distinguish campaigns if you have different addresses. The power of location extensions are endless after this simple setup.


More info on location extensions is here (https://goo.gl/dC0ybO) and have your clients maximize their AdWords real estate today through these awesome ad extensions!