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International Women's Day - Top Contributor Spotlight, Julia Muller

International Women's Day Spotlight - Top Contributor, Julia Muller

There could be no better time to shine a light on the incredible successes and positive accomplishments of women throughout the world than International Women’s Day. Using the hashtag #BeBoldForChange, people all over the world are pledging their support for women’s rights and celebrating the countless achievements made by women every single day. We wanted to focus on one such woman in order to highlight her own journey, and gain insight into the personal experiences and formative events that led her to where she is today.


One of our own Top Contributors, Julia, who is a force in the industry herself, was kind enough to share her own experiences with us so we could then share them with a wider audience. It’s not the easiest thing to do, to trust someone else to use your words, and we applaud her for her willingness to give, and this is a quote, “her own two cents”.


We asked her 10 questions about women in technology, how technology made an impact on her life, and her own path to her current profession. We asked her about her first memory of technology influencing her life, and she said, “My first positive experience with technology was with PCs and mobile phones. I guess I love computing and talking!” We then asked what it was about technology that spoke to her, “Technology is the modern attribute that allows us all to achieve more than generations before us!” Did we mention she’s very wise?


We then transitioned into asking about the people in her life who supported her on her journey, and she responded, “I got early focus on education and received crazy amounts of knowledge over the course of my life. It started with my mom and dad, then teachers at school and in college, then training on the job. A few outstanding mentors along the way. Unfortunately only one of them was a woman, my first math teacher, very demanding, but a brilliant mathematician and a mentor.” When asked about her biggest role model, she answered in what can only be described as the perfect way, “I always looked up to and got inspired by the wondrous stories of men and women in business, singling out anyone in particular would be unfair though.”


We then moved into the resistance she faced in her path to her current profession to which she replied, “In my experience women are just not expected to have advanced knowledge of technology, but that's changing rapidly.” Our next question dealt with her role and her perception of whether or not it was indicative of other’s experiences in the field to which she answered, “I see a lot of similarities with other females in this sector. Very many. They may have arrived to it in ways different than mine, but they are doing a great job succeeding in the space…I think women themselves need to get past defining themselves as a "woman in tech" and start assuming a technology-based approach to life as a basic requirement. Pushing oneself to the limit of one’s mental capacity is really the only professional concern - whether you're a woman or a man. Also, our society's expectations are a bit slow to catch up with technological advances. We need to make a better effort building technological education into basic requirements for girls.”


The last question we asked of her was, in our opinion, the most important of all, and focused on how she would accelerate the process of gender equality in the United States. Her answer was, just like all the rest, insightful and logical, “Education. Starting with schools. Government. Building new norms into the system. If those two bodies of influence get it right, the rest will come naturally.” In our humble opinion, that’s the best answer we’ve heard in a very long time, and a perfect way to end this piece. So, Happy International Women’s Day to all and remember to #BeBoldForChange


Remember to use the hashtags: #InternationalWomensDay & #BeBoldForChange

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