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How To Prevent Your Ad From Being Disapproved

Google ad policy exists to make sure users have a positive experience on the web.  In 2016, Google took action against misleading ads, illegal products, and bad sites, taking down 1.7 billion ads that violated policies.


However, innocent advertisers with truthful ads, legal products, and good sites still can fall prey to violating policies inadvertently. Here are some of the top things to re-check before implementing your ads:


Advertising For Sensitive Content?


If you’re advertising for medication or any pharmaceutical product, you’ll need to be certified. You even need to be pharma certified if the landing page of your ad has an online pharmacy on it’s page. (This is often the case for large retailers with pharmacies.)


Ads can also be marked approved (limited) for things like alcohol, copyrights, gambling, healthcare and trademarks, which will prevent the ad from serving to certain audiences, and even in certain countries.


If you’re advertising for something sensitive using a custom affinity, your ad may not run because custom affinities are considered personalized advertising.


Using Tracking Templates?


If tracking templates don’t drive to the same domain as the display URL, your ad will be disapproved. For example, if your template drives to walmart.com, but your display URL is loreal.com, that would cause a disapproval.


A lesser known issue is that if your click tracker takes too long to generate the final URL, you can also get disapproved. Test your click tracker in your web browser. If you’re looking at the redirect page for more than a few seconds, you may have an approval problem. This is because it’s not a positive user experience to click on an ad and then wait on a redirect for too long.


Really enthusiastic about your product?!?!!?!?


Use exclamation points sparingly, especially for text ads. Exclamation marks in the ad headline, or excessive numbers can cause disapproval. So can flagrant misspellings, repetition, capitalization, and other style conventions found here.


Using a Trademark?


Make sure you own the trademark, or you have gotten permission from the owner to use the trademark for any text ads (including video discovery ads which contain text). If you mention “Nike” without a ™ certification on your account, your ad may be disapproved.

These are just a few reasons for potential disapprovals. These policies help protect us all as users from gimmicky and frustrating ads, but they can also be easy to overlook in a pinch. Remember to QA your ads for policy, and let us know in the comments below - what information can we share about Google policy?