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Hitting a Bullseye with Layered Location Targeting!

Whenever I speak directly to advertisers on the phone, I often hear how difficult it can be to strike the balance between focused location targeting and broad brand awareness tactics. You don't want to take yourself out of relevant auctions, but you want to drive only the most relevant traffic directly to your website. For good reason, too! Whenever you pay for a click, you want to ensure that the customer is within reach to take advantage of your business and more likely to perform any conversion actions on your website. 

I wanted to introduce a strategy we like to call Layered Location Targeting here at Google! This strategy involves using a combination of radius targeting and location bid adjustments to strike that ""sweet spot"" balance between brand awareness and high-priority areas. The resulting location targeting ends up looking like a bullseye target, and you'll feel like you hit a bullseye when you see your clicks and conversions skyrocket! 

Here is how it works:

1. In the Settings tab, navigate to the Locations section.
2. Using radius targeting, specify a variety of targeted widths around your business. For example, a business might specify a couple of radius targets of 5, 10, and 50 miles around your business' physical location. 
3. Using the ""Locations"" grey button found at the top of the Settings tab, place positive location bid adjustments on the more specific location targets. To start, I would recommend placing a +20% bid adjustment on the most narrow radius and decreasing by 5% as you move outwards. 

How does this help? Layered Location Targeting allows you the ability to prioritize those consumers who are closest to your business' physical location without sacrificing the broader reach. A customer who lies within 5 miles of your business is more likely to convert than a customer who lies within 50 miles, and you want to ensure that your bids are most competitive in these regions!

Need any additional help, or interested in implementing this strategy? Feel free to leave descriptions of your business and location target concerns, and I'd be happy to provide additional recommendations to make the most of your location targets!

As always, best of luck and happy Tuesday from the Google floor to you!

All the best,


Troy M Badged Google Partner
April 2016

This is a great strategy and implemented this for a client just the other day. Collecting data at this point in time and we are excited to see the end results.