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Growing your AdWords team: Hiring vs Contractors

Growing your AdWords team:  Hiring vs. Contractors


What happens when you get more customers? You make more money, at least that is the ultimate goal. Expansions are delicate times for growing businesses of all sort and decisions become more important than ever.


Should I hire, who do I hire, When? Then comes the question in which we wanted to cover, Hiring vs Contractors for your AdWords team.


There is an undeniable trend in today's workplace of businesses hiring Contractors vs Employees. The trend is caused by a number of instances like; cheaper costs, better skilled even the flexibility that it brings the employer. As an employer the benefits are often related to the rights of termination in the case of a contractor are no where as firm as an employee's then there are the addition benefits that the employee would get like worker’s compensation, employment insurance and even overtime pay.


It sure does sound like outsourcing is a good fit for AdWords, but wait!


I have seen and used both avenues over the years when it comes to growing your AdWords team and could tell you right away that working your AdWords campaigns from a distance is not the ideal situation. I have always found that teams that worked side by side have always been more effective. The contributions are usually more genuine than that of a remote contractor. Employees that have the company at heart will always give a bit more than contactors which defiantly compensates for the economies.



Let’s take a peak at a few pro & cons.



            Pros -

Communication is key to any successful business especially in the digital advertising world. Having your team members all close by sure helps on the team spirit.    

Easier to work simultaneously on projects with a team that is close by.

Local client support is much easier with your own staff.


                Cons –

Payroll and deductions can be more work to do vs Contractors

Hiring can be costly

Need to add new offices/furniture




         Pros -

Easy to hire and fire new contractor(s) quickly

No need to pay out benefits, worker’s compensation

No need to keep in slow periods


                Cons -

Not the same level of dedication

Hard to communicate

May lose your training time with your contractor



When it comes down to it you will have to make the call, Contractor vs Employee.

One thing that I could leave you with is that Google’s API will and can save you a lot of time so maybe look into see what you could do with the API or at least a few scripts to help run/optimize your campaigns. Good Luck!

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MikeJohnston Top Contributor Alumni
May 2016

 I think really it's like anything else is just a matter of finding the right people whether it's locally sourced or those of the distance.

Shanee_Kirk Top Contributor
May 2016

I work as a "contractor" frequently by white labeling.  Maybe that's different b/c of a work ethic.  You really have to think through the process and make sure you are a good fit.  Make sure your ideas of "good" communication jive.  I've had some where they want to talk daily, and some once/month.  Honestly, I love working with agencies maybe a smidge more than the end clients.  There are lots of benefits in that direction too!

Molly Y Badged Google Partner
May 2016

What matters is if the employee or contractor can be trusted to complete the work competently, timely and has good communication skills.


I've tried both methods as well and found that as long as we had a clear understanding of everything both scenarios worked well.

MikeJohnston Top Contributor Alumni
May 2016

If I were to identify my favorite things to do they would be sales, SEO, web design and Adwords in that order although SEO and web design should really go together and sales is different that either web design or managing Adwords accounts.


i think I would want hires or freelancers to do the web design and account management to free me up to do more sales.

Trevor_Stewart Top Contributor
May 2016

Great insight everyone! @Shanee_Kirk I see the world that work with and it must be easier to manage accounts for other digital agencies. Having your client understand AdWords has to be a win! For most cases our clients have very little knowledge on the platform which creates a bunch of fun all around. 


@MikeJohnston you make a good point and it made me reflect that every agency has different needs even in growing stages. 


@Molly Y agreed! We have been in successful situations on both sides. The most important fact is crystal clear communication