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Google Toolbox Series #10: Lead Generation

Google Toolbox Series #10: Lead Generation


Today, small to medium-sized businesses can use all the help they can find when it comes to lead generation and sales prospecting. There’s no doubt that generating business, especially in the first few years, is the number one factor in keeping your doors open, so anything you can find that swings the balance in your favor should be used as often as possible. While no one likes cold calling, these tools offer an interesting way to approach a lead you’ve identified as lucrative.


It’s important to remember that lead generation is nothing more than delivering a list of potential customers. There are no magic closers to help you land the deal. That’s squarely on your shoulders, but with these tools you can approach that first contact with valuable, actionable data. That, and your personal skill, is what will get the contract for your company, so make sure you walk into a first meeting with every possible resource available. These four tools will help you do just that.




LinkedIn Sales Navigator: LinkedIn is a great asset for both personal and business use. You can expand your social network and build an impressive business network without ever leaving their interface. Now, they’ve included the Sales Navigator for their premium users which gives greater control over features, provides special products aimed at sales prospecting their membership, and B2B networking, and so much more.


The numbers LinkedIn provides as justification for the premium cost are pretty impressive – 80% increased productivity, 51% more likely to meet quotas, and a whopping 45% more opportunity via the platform. Those are bigtime numbers and definitely worth a deeper look. The cost has gone back and forth a bit and currently sits at $79.99 per month for an individual. Team pricing is not available.




Hatchbuck: If you’re a small business without an in-house marketing arm, or even a real marketing budget, then you’re the perfect candidate for the CRM from Hatchbuck. Their software gives you real power to nurture prospects and drive sales with their real-time dashboard. Inexpensive and simple to use, Hatchbuck gives you the ability to dynamically tag prospects that perform certain tasks, and organize them quickly, and in real-time, into email queues for future contact based on the actions they’ve taken. The templates they offer are vibrant and very professional – without being cookie-cutter cheesy.


Hatchbuck offers a free demo for users to check out the service before any kind of financial commitment is required. That means you can try out the bells and whistles, not to mention the technology level, and then decide whether or not it’s the right fit for your business. They have one of the best customer service departments in the business, and their customers’ reviews speak volumes about their dedication and tenacity. That’s a good reason to check them out all by itself.




Leadfeeder: If you use Google Analytics, and have no qualms about the slightly creepy aspect of continual remarketing, then this easy-to-use tool is for you. It’s a breeze to set up and delivers the results you’re after without fail – which is something in and of itself. It’s basically an attachment for Analytics which gives you information about site visitors. In fact, far more information than you might expect regarding their visit to your site and just who they are and what they do.There is a ton of functionality, ways to granulate data, and seriously powerful data delivered to your fingertips to do with as you choose.


If you’re a company that excels pitching to clients, this tool is exactly what you’ve always been after. It gives you the name and contact information of the right person, the person who makes the decisions, and lets you reach out to them cleverly utilizing the information you gleaned from your Leadfeeder report. It can really impress the person you need to and that’s worth taking a look if it’s the only benefit you receive from using it.




Cyfe: It’s right there in their own words on their home page – all-in-one dashboard. They’re not kidding even a little bit. If you’ve ever wished for a one-off solution to all the different screens and channels you need to monitor on a daily basis then look no further, you’ve found your dashboard. Cyfe lets you do more than we could possibly discuss here and all of it is intuitive and logically constructed so that even new users won’t have trouble customizing widgets to build their dream dash.


There are few tools that work – actually work – on more than just a few levels. Some do a decent job of applying visualization to aggregated data, and others do an acceptable job of aggregating data from a broad range of sources. The trouble has always been the marriage of the two applied across the board, or at least that’s what the trouble used to be until Cyfe came around. This is truly a tool you can use every day, all day, and never miss a beat.


Any of these tools will help you with lead generation and sales prospecting if you apply them in their proper places and use them as intended. Remember, they all will help to reinforce and invigorate your lead generation efforts, but they won’t replace your input and ability to sell your own goods and services. After all, a tool is only as good as the person using it.


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