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Google Partners – Mobile Sites Certification

2017 is in full swing for Google Partners with lots of updates and refreshes underway to make everything as perfect as possible for you. With these updates we present a new certification for you to embrace and master. It’s actually more of a developer’s certification but it will display on your Google Partners profile, so it’s a great one to obtain.


With the digital world completely entrenched in mobile actions, this certification puts a focus squarely on this topic. A properly created mobile website not only brings a great user experience for your customers, it also directly affects how your advertising, such as Google AdWords, performs. This is why we are bringing this to you and why we feel you will gain some great insight and intelligence through the training materials and testing. 


You can locate the training materials and take the test over at Google Partners. While you are there be sure to review the five AdWords tests, the Analytics test and plenty of marketing materials, too.


When you log in to your Google Partners account, you will find this new Mobile Sites certification course listed directly under the Google Analytics module. There are four components that you will need to fully understand to pass the test. The exam covers best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing mobile websites, with both basic and advanced concepts. It’s complex and completely enjoyable if you have any interaction with website design & development.  


The four components:


  • Part 1: Why Mobile Sites Matter - Review the importance of mobile speed and user design.
  • Part 2: Improve Mobile Site Speed - Learn how to improve mobile site speed and test it.
  • Part 3: Create an Effective Mobile UX - Learn about user experience and design principles for mobile sites.
  • Part 4: Advanced Web Technologies - Get an introduction to advanced web technologies.


If you are contemplating the need for this information within your agency, that’s understandable since it is different than an AdWords test. However, I would present the case that it is directly related to any advertising campaign anywhere, and to AdWords, too.


Consider the fact that when a consumer sees a brand, a marketing message or an ad of any kind (and pretty much anywhere), the goal is to entice them to connect with the company. That means they are going to pull out their mobile device and look them up.


Mobile devices are everywhere and they are in the hands of your potential customer. Mobile makes up more than 50% of all web traffic and the numbers are growing every week. We are rolling forward with mobile in a strong way and there is no getting around it.


Businesses today must provide a great user experience for mobile users, and that means this new certification course from Google Partners should be vitally important to you. Even if you do not design websites, this information is well worth knowing so that you can direct the companies you work for towards success online today.


If you are a badged Google Partner, the certification will display on your Google Partners profile alongside AdWords and Analytics, so it not only boosts your skills, it’ll boost your strength & credibility, as well. Study hard, earn it and show it off to the world!


Best wishes on your unique journey,



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J. Clemens, Panama City Beach, FL -- I am a Google AdWords, Analytics and Mobile Sites Certified Individual serving businesses throughout the United States. My agency, Mica Specialties, is a Google Partner and technology consultancy involved in all aspects of marketing, web development, computer design, and IT services. Mica Specialties was founded in 1992 with deep roots in product design. I am an avid fan of Alphabet (and their products) and enjoy learning while helping others.