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Google Partners Connect Events: The Basics – Week Of & Event Day

Google Partners Connect Events: The Basics – Week Of & Event Day


As an agency in this industry, having spent time in the trenches, you know how valuable the right partnerships can be to your overall success – not just on a project but over the long haul. That’s exactly the way we view our partnership with Google and we leverage it in every way we can to ensure our growth and success in an industry that’s only going to become more competitive as the internet becomes more and more interwoven into the fabric of our everyday lives. It’s already there, so imagine what tomorrow might bring. That’s why you partner with Google. They’ll be ready.




Now that you’ve done all the legwork to prime your event for success, it’s the week of and you’re not sure of next steps. There’s not really a right answer to this question, so we’ll detail what we do to ensure we’ve covered all of our bases. First, we make sure to send a soft email out to all of the attendees – both RSVPs and non-committals. Second, we organize our swag to be sure every guest is accounted for – with one to spare if not more. Using your own agency swag to “stretch” what Google sends is a good plan and will ensure they’re reminded of more than just Google after they leave.


Lastly, we make a backup plan in case everything that could possibly go wrong does. For example, we find a secondary venue like a library or Chamber of Commerce. These are often free or come with a minimal charge and no need for reservations. Plus, they’ll have the hookups you’ll need to run the show. Next, we find a catering company that can handle last-minute events. Then, if occasion warrants, we spend money to feed our guests something memorable to make up for the venue. They’re taking time to come out and we do all we can to give them a good experience – along with actionable insights into their business.




So, it’s the day of the event. What’s the best play? For us, it’s two hours before the event when we begin setting up if at our office and as soon as the venue allows if it’s elsewhere. That gives us time to get everything arranged correctly, test connectivity and display, and be sure all of the extras are in place before guests arrive. It also gives us time to finish prepping and relax for a bit before the show starts. Once guests arrive, it’s all about entertaining, networking, and explaining the presentation. You need to be at your absolute best to land the deals, so be sure to give yourself a breather before it begins. That’s the best way to make it memorable and worth the time.

Make sure and Print Event Handbook, Download RSVP List, Preview the Content & Test Your Video Systems & Join the conversation on Twitter. If you have questions, please check our FAQs or ask us @GooglePartners on Twitter. 


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