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Google Partners Connect Events: The Basics - Location & Attendee Planning

Google Partners Connect Events: The Basics - Location & Attendee Planning



As a Partner agency, you know the power of a Google Partners Connect Event to inspire new clients to take a closer look at using AdWords to promote their own business interests. If you’ve hosted one in the past, or even attended one hosted by another agency, you know the quality and targeted nature of the presentation. You’ve seen the thorough and thoughtful way the data is presented by the event’s speakers, and even taken an in-depth look at the ancillary data Google provides to further educate and entice clients. You know it’s a winning scenario and want to be a part of it.



Once you’ve registered for the event, and even before you send an invitation, you may want to spend a bit of time planning out your attendee strategy. By strategy, we’re talking about the type of group you’re looking at putting together. That’s important. These people will all be I a room together for a few hours and networking will be occurring. It may reflect well on you if you put some thought into the people your guests would like to spend that time with while attending your event. It might even be prudent to invite another agency to attend – especially if they offer a service that supplements your own. This works great with an SEO agency if you stick with Paid Search.




Now, finally, we’ve come to the location planning phase. This is where it’s so important to devise a Plan B. You never know what may happen. You might have a guest who contacts you with a request to bring his entire professional association. You wouldn’t say no to that much potential and you can’t fit them all in your office space. If you’d taken the time to plan for this eventuality, it would come as a welcome addition – not the nightmare it could become.

We said in our last post to plan for at least 25% of your guests no-showing. That’s good advice. But, by the same thinking, you need to make a soft reservation somewhere for 25% more guests – just in case. This is best accomplished through the use of a public space instead of a rented one. Think about your location Chamber or, if worse comes to worst, simply call your local hotel and pay for their conference room. It’s an expense, but one that’s easily justifiable.

It cost your agency time, and maybe even money to put on your overbooked event, but you get to make an awesome speech detailing how the event required a bigger venue due to interest and you wouldn’t let all your RSVP’d attendees down, so you took it upon your agency to solve the problem. Many of your guests are looking for a marketer to do exactly that for them every single day, so you’ve already proven to be the solutions-oriented thinkers they’re after. That’s winning again.

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