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Google Partners Connect Events: The Basics – Giveaways, Swag & the Week Prior

Google Partners Connect Events: The Basics – Giveaways, Swag & the Week Prior


When you partner as an agency with Google, you can expect great data and insights from your team. That’s as it should be. After all, our agency efforts sell their AdWords campaigns, so a mutually beneficial relationship is the only type that makes sense for both parties – not to mention the clients that pay us both.

Google does a really good job of offering more than just answers to AdWords questions. They try very hard to promote their partners and their products through a myriad of secondary promotions and events. This is where the Google Partners Connect Events come in. They serve as one of the best ways going to get your partnership with a billion-dollar entity, and the skills that warranted it, in front of a range of potential clients.



Once you’ve finished the previous steps in our series, you should be registered with Google as an event host, have created a landing page, and have at least five attendees who’ve RSVP’d. Those five attendees who’ve registered are super important. Why? Well, without those five (or more) you won’t be eligible for the Viewing Kit sent from Google. This viewing kit is basically a Google Swag Bag full of things to give your guests.


The Viewing Kit will arrive, assuming you’ve done all of your registration steps properly, a week prior to the actual event date. This kit includes a range of Google-branded goodness to give your guests including water bottles, totes, pens, notebooks, name tags with lanyards, and laptop stickers. It’s a bunch of little things that everyone loves to get. Who doesn’t need an extra pen or notebook? Your guests will enjoy the freebies and even find them useful during the event. Plus, they advertise the fact that Google is on your side – again. And that cannot be said too many times in our opinion.


So, it’s a week prior and you’ve got your space and Viewing Kit in hand. So, what do you do now? At my agency, we use the week leading up to the event to refine our message as it relates to the event in question. Each Connect Event is geared toward a specific industry, so your sales teams may need to adjust their pitch to fit the specific attendees. It’s easier to do this before the event when you have time to strategize for each RSVP’d attendees needs. A little research and some personalization may be just the thing that closes a deal for you, so take some time to “get to know” your guests before the event. It’ll help in the long run.

Google Partners Connect Events: The Basics: https://goo.gl/P23aWq
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Sonar G



I am wondering - does the Hosting agency recieve an overall feedback from Google (that it collects from the attendee survey forms) after the event is done? 



Spencer_Wade Top Contributor

Hello @Sonar G,

I dont beleive you have access to that data, its mainly for the event info and what Partners can do to improve on the events. 

Hope that helps!