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Google Partners Connect Events: The Basics – Creating the “Experience” Blog


During the course of this series, we’ve gone through all of the necessary steps involved in hosting a successful Google Partners Connect Event. Each of the posts in the series focused on specific details that needed to be addressed and led directly to the next. The hope was to make something with a bit more detail than can be found elsewhere and give Partners a few tips we’ve found to be successful in our own history. With all of that being said, an event’s success is dependent on the experience you created and the data delivered.

Google Partners Connect Events: The Basics – Creating the “Experience” Blog


When an event is put on by Google, you can rest assured that the information provided will be the cutting edge of the vertical under discussion and include all of the ways AdWords is being used to effectively increase users’ and agencies’ bottom lines. It’s clear and delivered without equivocation. Your potential clients won’t hear any noncommittal voices in the presentation – not a single one – and most of the messaging will be focused around ways to make it work without much discussion on how it may fail. That’s as it should be. You don’t sell a car and tell the buyer, right before handing over the keys, that the car will break down eventually. That’s ruining the “experience” of the sale.


That “experience” is going to serve as the last topic in this series. You need to use what Google brings to the table, in tandem with your venue, amenities, and explanations, to promote the feeling that an incredible experience took place and reinforce this with a strong, enthusiastic blog post outlining all that was discussed and the merits of the overall time spent together. Make a point to thank all of the guests and speakers and be clear that these events are an ongoing commitment on the part of your agency – to bring AdWords and its benefits to those who need it most.


Once your article is completed, be sure to send a link to each of your guests with a courtesy follow-up to dive into what was discussed at the client’s leisure. Pressure is the enemy here. You simply need to point out what’s possible and let that idea simmer for a bit. If they’re serious about making the move, your no-pressure, no-obligation tactics are sure to pay off in the end. Remember, you’re reinforcing the positives of working with your agency – an agency trusted by a multibillion-dollar entity. That’s all the pitch you need to highlight the benefits of a Google Partner Connect experience with your company as host.


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