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Google Partners Connect Events: The Basics - Attendee Follow Up

Google Partners Connect Events: The Basics - Attendee Follow Up




Over the last several weeks, we’ve covered all of the necessary steps in hosting your own Google Partners Connect Event. This discussion has centered, up to now, on the lead-up to and the actual event itself. We’ve discussed the benefits to hosting an event in detail and even given a few tips to try to achieve the best results from your efforts. And, while all of this has been helpful, and, hopefully, your guests enjoyed the event and learned a little something about what AdWords can do for their own businesses.


Now, we’re going to dive into what you need to do now that your event has ended. Sure, some of your attendees may jump right into a contract for service, but many of them may have attended via livestream, or your attendee may need a bit of time to think it all over before they jump into search marketing. Whatever the reason, you’ve made an impression with Google already and now it’s all about turning that impression into a need. Once the client realizes they need your agency to achieve the goals they envisioned during the event’s presentations. The speakers are giving the viewers data and it’s incumbent on you to turn that data from vision to reality.


Each agency will handle this differently. Each has their own internal processes that help them land the clients they come in contact with. So, it’s not productive to lay out “how”, but instead focus on the “when”. We find it’s best to strike while the iron’s hot, so we spend all of our available time with the attendees after the event. This allows us to briefly touch base with each one and offer our free marketing snapshot along with detailed explanations of the presentations given during the event. So, basically, we offer free actionable data backed up with answers to any and all digital marketing questions they may have – whether those are based on the event’s topic or not.




Businesses understand the value of what’s presented. They put an incredible amount of faith in whatever Google tells them; rightly so. All you need to do is give them something they can use to put what the learned into action. We find it’s best to do this with no obligation whatsoever. The audit we present to them is complete with next steps and potential strategies. It’s our hope they come to us for service, but, in the end, if they learned how to better themselves and their businesses then it’s all been worthwhile. Why? That’s easy. After all, who taught them what they needed to know? Who will they call when they do need help?




It’s our belief they’ll call the agency that gave them what they so desperately needed without forcing them into agreements they were either unready for, or simply didn’t comprehend well enough to push go. Giving them the information and ways to act on it is empowerment. Empowered individuals make better choices and are willing to take risks, and risks – when backed with good data and better strategies – are what turn businesses into empires.




Google Partners Connect Events: The Basics: https://goo.gl/P23aWq
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Have you signed up for the next event? What are you waiting for? August 16 livestream event about Retail
Thanks for stopping by and reading through the series. Have a great week everyone. 


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Andrew P

Hi, do we have a link to the live stream archive? I was unable to attend in person yesterday and could not find a link yesterday or today.

The link in the above article is a screen capture of a hyperlink to the archive. Could we please post the link to the archived live stream video? Thank you.

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Hello @Andrew P

Let me see if I can point you to the link! Google Partners Connect - 10/18, Healthcare