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Google Partners Connect Events: Inviting & Signing Up Guests

Google Partners Connect Events: Inviting & Signing Up Guests



There are a great many benefits to being a Google Partner – not the least of which is the title. Having a connection to what many see as the world leader in technology is never a bad thing when you’re a digital marketing agency. And while there are a million different ways in which they try to assist us, there’s nothing they do that makes as much of an impact on my team and our potential client pool than the Google Partner Connect Events.

Each time we host a Partners Connect Event, my team gets super excited about the opportunities they have to talk shop with a group of potential clients. There are few better ways to get a group together with the intent of educating and enlightening them in the ways digital marketing, specifically AdWords, can help them reach the goals they’ve set. My team loves the time they have with these potentials after the event because all the questions they have are ours to answer. As a marketer, that’s exactly what you wish for.




The first step, as a Google Partner, is to register for the event. That’s pretty simple and all it takes is a few minutes, your agency information, and an internet connection. Once that’s out of the way, you need to start identifying who you’ll invite to the event. You’re looking to build relationships, strengthen ties, and onboard new clients, so keep those three things firmly in mind when crafting your invite list. You’re looking for potential clients who aren’t familiar with AdWords as the information is introductory in nature. This is all about landing new fish, whales hopefully, and not about educating existing clients further.



In our own experiences, and dependent upon the size of your office or viewing location, we’ve found that anything over 15 people becomes too large to properly manage. This is due to the inevitable questions that arise and your ability to quickly and completely answer them before having to move on. The last thing you want is guests feeling like they’re an afterthought. After all, they’re the whole reason you’re having the event in the first place. Do yourself a favor and plan for at least 25% of your guests to not attend, so you may want to add a few to the list just in case you have extra cancellations. It’ll be better to have too many people than too few.



Guests can RSVP when they signup and you can get a list of the RSVPs by returning to the Partners Connect page. It’s a good idea to set an RSVP limit, so that once your guest list reaches your space’s capacity, you can shut the page off to new visitors. It’s an excellent control, one among many, and makes the process easy and efficient. There really is no downside whatsoever to the Partners Connect promotion.



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