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Getting the Most Out of UACs

Just last year, over 65 billion apps were downloaded from the Google Play Store. Now is a better time than ever to promote your app on Google’s inventory and leverage this vastly growing space.


Universal App Campaigns are a simple and effective way to advertise your app with minimal time investment. The campaigns promote a download of your app and serve across many of Google’s networks including Search, Play, Gmail, YouTube and GDN. Despite their broad scope, setting them up is super easy.


UACs are one of the simplest campaign types to put together, especially for Android. After linking your AdWords Account to Google Play, only a few inputs will be need to be strategized:


Location: Make sure to always select your location on the country level and consider having only one UAC per country. Targeting a more granular level than country (e.g., state, city) can limit the serving pool too much.

Ad text: Four lines of text (25 characters each) is required for UACs. When building your ad text, note that the lines should be interchangeable (i.e., reading them would make sense no matter the order that they’re placed in)

* Note your ad text should also align with the language you select!

Bid Strategy & Campaign Optimization: Select your CPA amount, and Get new users for your app is listed as the default option. (In-App Event Optimizers require additional configurations).


Quick Tips and Best Practices:


  • Wait 2-4 weeks after activating the campaign to evaluate the results. And/or wait for the first 100 conversions. This will give the campaign enough time to ramp up and maintain performance. 
  • Leverage all creative types! UACs also support image and videos assets. Using all available slots will provide the greatest reach (but don’t go for quantity over quality).
  • Turn off all network specific app install campaigns when UACs are running. This will avoid auction overlap and will provide clearer UAC performance results.
  • Campaign budget should be a minimum of 50x your CPA bid. This gives the model space to learn and optimize conversions.


Following these tips can help you get the most out of your UACs. Feel free to share your own learnings or pain points here too!