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Get Started with Google Data Studio Today!

With more and more data resources becoming available for Digital Advertising analysis, it is increasingly difficult for businesses and/or agencies to manage the volume of data. To address this, Google released a free version of Google Data Studio earlier this year.  While it is still in beta, you can sign up for free here.



Google Data Studio is a new data visualization tool that allows advertisers to easily organize data from their Analytics, AdWords, Firebase and YouTube Channel Accounts to create dynamic reports. This product was created to allow business and agency partners to make better decisions. It empowers our partners by funneling in data across multiple platforms to create dashboards and reports that deliver insightful stories that can be easily shared.


The 5 main goals of the Google Data Studio is to easily collect, prepare, analyze, report, and share data and insights. Data Studio makes collaboration easy. Using the same user experience design behind Google Drive, teams can edit reports together—in real time. Data Studio allows for easy integration between data connectors to create customizable, sharable and engaging reports.  

Available data connectors for Google Data Studio include:


  • AdWords
  • Attribution 360 
  • Google Analytics
  • Google BigQuery       
  • Google Sheets
  • YouTube
  • Firebase BigQuery Export
  • DoubleClick (DCM) Connector

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There are multiple report types available through Google Data Studio. Enabled features include using multiple data sources per reports and including multiple pages. Additionally, it allows you to customize reports by configuring, dragging, and dropping objects into a report. These visualizations objects include:

  • Time Series
  • Bar Chart (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • Pie Chart
  • Rich Table (With Heatmap & Bars)
  • Geo-Map
  • Scorecard
  • Scatter Chart
  • Bullet Chart
  • Area Chart

Date comparison, report interactive controls, and customizable filters are also all available within the reports.


With a full library of templates available, users can easily choose from a template and create a beautiful dashboard within minutes. To create a report,  it’s as easy as entering in your account ID and clicking “Create Report”. These one click templates allow for advertisers to spend more time analyzing the data rather than organizing it. These templates include an AdWords Overview, Analytics Overview, YouTube Channel Analytics, World Population Data, Google Merchandise Store, and Mobile App Events from Firebase. See an example of the available Adwords template below and more templates here:


[UNSET] (90).png


Google Data Studio is a new tool that allows Agencies and Business to easily present data and connect the dots between multiple platforms. This new tool empowers advertisers to easily create reports, so they can easily draw insights, understand their data and make more informed, powerful decisions.


Sign up and get started with Google Data Studio Today!

Already using Data Studio? Let us know about how Data Studio has made your data management easier!


Spencer_Wade Top Contributor
February 2017

Very nice, read this earlier today! Great news & post thank you! 

Rakesh Kumar Top Contributor
February 2017

Nice article @Alex W!