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Fixing "My Ad Is Disapproved For Destination Not Working"

One of the newer messages that you may get while attempting to create an ad is “destination URL not working.” This message will result in your ad being disapproved, but fortunately, this is an easy fix. Below are the top 3 things which may cause you to see this message.


    1. An important component of the page is not loading properly. Even if a page seems to load fine, on your backend there may be a file that has failed to load and thus caused a partial 404 error message to appear for that file. An excellent tool to check to see if the components of the page are loading properly is the Firefox HTTP Tool.
    2. An IP redirect is occurring. The most common scenario for this is a site that features multiple types of pages depending on the geographic location of the user clicking on it. For example, if a user using a Vietnamese IP clicks on your ad and your client has it set so that this will cause the user to go to vietnamese.example.com instead of example.com, this will cause the system to disapprove the 
    3. Landing page was down/took too long to load when our system checked the site.


Since these disapprovals are caused by your site, you can easily find the root issue, fix it, and solve the situation in a relatively timely manner. After finding the reason for the disapproval and addressing it, go ahead and resubmit the campaign for review.

Gilad E

Not sure why this is caused but it happened to me:


4. Removing the "http(s)" prefix for the website. Instead of "https://www.<mywebsite>.com" - use "www.<mywebsite>.com"



Neena Daniw d
October - last edited October

We keep getting "Destination not working" disapprovals again and again for all our ads despite following all the instructions.


Site is up. No redirects. Confirmed to return HTTP response code 200.


Even the Adwords landing page checker says "Landing page found."


Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 1.02.08 AM.png


This is frustrating. We cannot get ANY ad to work. 

jerry S

Amazingly, this solution, which Gilad E. suggested, also worked for me (for two different URLs):  
   " Removing the "http(s)" prefix for the website. Instead of "https://www.<mywebsite>.com" - use "www.<mywebsite>.com"  "