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Fixing Structured Snippets

A month ago, I posted an article, aptly named Fixing Sitelinks here. It helped a lot of people, so today, I want to tackle fixing it’s familiar cousin, Structured Snippets.

Structured snippets allow your ads to highlight specific aspects of your products and services. These ad extensions provide context to the nature and variety of your products and services before visitors click through to your site.

Unfortunately, since this extension is is not as well-known, it’s hard to find posts on troubleshooting it.

So let me help. Below is a checklist that a specialist goes through to understand why structured snippets are not serving.

  1.     See if the advertiser has implemented structured snippets at different levels. There are three different levels that structured snippets can be applied: account, campaign, and ad group level. Only the lowest-level structured snippet applied will show. So if you apply a Structured Snippet to an ad group, neither your campaign nor your account structured snippets will ever show for that specific ad group.
  2.     See if the structured snippets are “family safe.” We only show those that are “family safe”. You can read more about what it means to be “family safe” here.
  3.     See if the structured snippets and ads are in the same language. Just do it, you may confuse Google and your audience. Capiche?
  4.     See if the structured snippets highlight at least 3 values for each header. We need at least three; though, the more values, the merrier.
  5.     See if the Structured Snippet Headers and Values make sense. As you can imagine, if you choose “Destinations” as your header and “puppies, Toyota Corolla, Chelsea Market, Biology” as 4 of your values, we may not serve that structured snippet.
  6.     See if the other ad extensions are performing especially well. Structured snippets have no problem serving with other extensions, but we want to give the end user the best experience. So, if all things considered, your other extensions produce a way better experience (e.g. higher CTR), it’s very possible our auctions will decide it’s best to not show your structured snippet and instead, show your sitelink & callout extension each time.

Hope this saves you a phone call. However, if this doesn’t cover your issue, give us a ring. We’d be happy to help.

Julia_Muller Top Contributor
July 2016

"These ad extensions provide context to the nature and variety of your products and services before visitors click through to your site." - very well put @Tom W. Nice concise way of explaining a rather complicated idea.

Brett L
September 2016

Tom I have a business where the snippet has been taken out of text and reads negative.

The review it relates to is a 5 star positive, so I would like the snippet removed and appropriate text replaced


Is this possible or do you have any suggestions on How to rectify or Who to contact, I have sent many messages on the contact page but the Snippet still remains I understand the reason for negative reviews , but this statement was a comment on our opposition, not our own business

2016-09-01_9-52-16.jpgThe caption is negative, taken from a positive review