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Fixing Sitelinks

It’s annoying when a sitelink in AdWords doesn’t gain clicks or impressions. Sometimes, these issues are technical and only a specialist can fix the underlying problem. Most of the time, however, you can solve the issue yourself.


Below a checklist a specialist goes through to understand why sitelinks are not serving.


  1. Target the sitelink and note whether it’s on the campaign level or ad group level.
  2. Check how many sitelinks are running in the Ad Extensions tab. Two is the minimum, so if there is only one, create one more.
  3. Make sure each sitelink leads to a different landing page. Our policy requires a sitelink serve a unique URL different from your ads and other sitelinks.
  4. Make sure there are text ads running in the ad group with the sitelink extension. Afterall, sitelinks are extensions of text ads. As such, text ads are required to run sitelinks.
  5. Segment by click type to make sure that sitelinks are really not accruing impressions. Segmenting by click type will break down clicks and impressions of the ads and extensions.
  6. If it’s only recently that sitelinks stopped serving, download a daily report on the sitelink extensions tab. See which day the sitelinks stopped serving. After that, head over to that day on Change History to see what changes could have caused that.
  7. Check for duplicates by clicking each of the sitelinks and seeing whether you are taken to unique pages. Here’s more on the duplicates policy: "Each sitelink must point to different content"


If you’ve done all this and still can’t solve the issue, please contact AdWords Support and we’ll be happy to a closer look.

Julia_Muller Top Contributor
June 2016

Great point @Tom W! Sitelinks are amongst the most effective and easiest to use, basic features of AdWords! Every advertiser should strive to use the maximum amount of Sitelinks.


Another little known and underutilized technique with Sitelinks is to setup mobile versions of all Sitelinks.


We usually setup all Sitelinks first and then create MOBILE versions via "copy and edit" function, it's super easy. While setting up Sitelinks requires some browsing around advertiser's site, and thinking it through which main navigation areas may come handy on an ad impression, setting up mobile versions of Sitelinks requires very little time. Seconds really.

Tom W Google Employee
June 2016

Ah, yes, thank you! Love the mobile insight, @Julia_Muller, and I cannot agree more you should always add a lot of sitelinks. After all, we show them if we believe it'd increase your CTR, thereby it can only make your ads cheaper too (since it can only have a higher ad rank, which is why we're serving it with sitelinks.)


It's just something you add when you make any search campaign!