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Extend your price with Price Extensions

Ever thought you would get more sales, if people only saw the value?



Well, you’re in luck. Earlier this year, Google unveiled price extensions.


Price extensions showcase your business’s offerings in detail, so people can find what they want more quickly through your ad. Since each price extension listing has its own link, people can tap straight from your extension to what they want on your mobile site.


Now, I typically try to educate with my articles as an AdWords Specialist, e.g. Having an Optimization Checklist, Thoughts on Recent Call Conversions. You can see my posts here.


It’s surprising to me that the quality of these extensions varies so much. There are externally safe best practices that appear to not have made the cut for the help center article. As such, I wanted to provide them here, in hopes of getting you more customers at better value.


Price Extension Best Practices

  1. Pertain and be specific to user query
  2. Make sure your header and descriptions are related
  3. Your ad, price extension header & description should all contain different phrases - repetition is generally bad for user experience
  4. The more the merrier - use up all 8 items for Google to optimize for peak performance
  5. Use Price Qualifiers - terms like "Up to" and "From" give you more control over pricing and set expectations for potential customers


As it is, price extensions have tremendously increased click-through rates for almost every advertiser I have seen and the difference is even more pronounced with those who follow the best practices.


Bear in mind, price extensions are still only available on mobile for now; that may change in the future. Either way, start taking advantage of this most useful extension (in my opinion) today.


You’ll be happy you did.