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Campaign Optimization vs Landing Page Optimization

As search marketers we often question the performance of our overall campaign if ever we notice non-optimal results, even when measuring ROAS. Yes of course, between keywords, match type, negatives and then the rest of the campaign we can agree that it can be challenging at pinpointing the place which needs optimization.


How many times have we spent hours in a campaign looking at search term reports, add delivery methods, ad copies when nothing looks out of place. Why do marketers have a tendency to not evaluate landing pages as much as campaigns?


Landing pages could mean 10,000,000 things…. Ok I may be exaggerating a bit yet we all know that ‘’Landing Page” can be a broad term. However understanding the AdWords platform requires time and interest yet understanding the mechanic’s of every type of landing page is a whole other challenge.


Conversion is everything!

 Optimizing a campaign requires knowledge of AdWords along with a few tools to automate your process. Optimizing a landing page can become a larger task since it will often require a few extra skills. Landing pages come in all types of flavors which include being external splash pages, inner pages, promotion, ect…. Then you must  consider the url structure, maybe your client wants to use a new separate domain for the campaign instead of making a promo.client@site.com. Hopefully you can explain how it may have a negative impact on it’s success. Imagine now that there are 100’s if not 1000’s of different languages which you need to master as a team to be able set up your landing page and include conversion optimization tools and perform variation testing properly. Once your programmers are ready to get the job done you will need a good front end developer to get the UX right.



Here is a list of what skills may be needed to assess your landing page optimization

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Javascript
  • J-Query
  • CSS
  • Datalayers
  • Net frameworks
  • Dreamweaver


Landing pages are half the battle

Here are a few languages and programs that could help you optimize or build optimized landing pages. You see that learning AdWords editor for example, may look easy to use compared to learning all you need to know about putting together an awesome landing page to help drive new leads for your client.

Benchmark your KPI’S like overall conversion rates and cost-per-sale so you can bring them to the next level. Remember improving a conversion rate by a simple 1% will have a tremendous impact on the company's bottom line.


Even if understanding the composition of a great landing page is challenging we, as marketers, must tackle this challenge with as much effort as campaign optimization to achieve the best results possible.


 Good luck AdWordsing!

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December 2016

Great article Trevor!