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Breaking the Mold with Custom Affinity Audiences

Growing up, I wasn't the typical kid with typical kid-like interests. With my toy cars, I didn't buy complex tracks or race them down the hallway — I built massive parking lots instead. I loved cooking and food rather than sports, and I wanted to be an anesthesiologist, not an astronaut when I grew up, neither of which panned out.

Affinity Audiences are a great way to target groups of customers like me across our Google Display Network. Whether these are individuals who share a common interest or who participate in certain activities, affinity audiences let you utilize the knowledge you have of your customer base to target your ads towards those groups of people in hopes of gaining conversion.

We offer a wide variety of Affinity Audiences to choose from as you build out your Display Network campaigns. Whether your audiences are Sports Fans or Animal Enthusiasts, you have the ability to reach customers who may already share interest in your business goods and services.

However, we know not every sports fan thinks alike. What happens when you're trying to reach that Baseball Fan who also enjoys making home movies? How about the Beauty Enthusiast who also enjoys checking out the latest and greatest dirt bikes? Customers come in all shapes and sizes, and we here at Google think you should be able to reach them regardless of of whether they fit into a pre-built affinity group!

Introducing: Custom Affinity Groups! Using a group of hand-picked URLs, you can craft your own affinity group that better details your customer base. Simply put together a list of example URLs that represent the browsing history of your potential customers. This can help you reach niche audiences, and develop a laser-like focus on your desired audience.

Custom Affinity Groups are a great new targeting tool in Google Display Network, and we hope you take advantage of them in your next Display Network campaign.