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Brand Lift: Keeping Your Customers Engaged

You’ve secured a client. The multinational brand is prepared to entrust you with the millions of dollars it spends on its TrueView YouTube campaigns – this is a big one. What cool feature can you employ to "WOW" them?


We think it may be Brand Lift.




Generically, brand lift refers to a change in awareness, perception or behavior such as purchase intent that happens as a result of seeing an ad. Google’s Brand Lift measurement and reporting aims to quickly gather data at the various stages of the consumer purchase journey. It makes analytics easy-to-understand by providing digestible data, such as ad recall, brand awareness, and purchase intent. Metrics such as clicks, impressions, and views are nice, but are at the end of day, proxies for the actionable insights we really want.


Brand Lift requires a large set of data to run the experiments, so not everyone with a TrueView campaign may be able to run a Brand Lift study.


We do this by breaking users in the Brand Lift study into two groups:

  1. an exposed group, those who saw your ads
  2. a control group, those who were randomly selected to see other ads

The control group, called a “holdback group,” is different from a standard research control group in that it is culled from the exact group of people you’re targeting your ads to. That way, the only difference between the groups is that one group will have seen the ads and the other will not.


Then, we send surveys and analyze searches on Google and YouTube. Finally, we make sense of the results, and report back to you the findings.

We hope this feature will help answer some of the toughest questions marketers face, such as, "Are people remembering my ads?" "Are my efforts improving purchases?"


Contact Google Support to see whether you qualify.

For more information, please visit this page:


Get ready for take off.


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June 2016

So how does one actually implement Brand Lift? I've been looking for some kind off data or guide and can't find anything but promotional articles.

Lowell W
September 2016

The link For more information, please visit this page: just goes to an overview that is now  5 years old.  I can't find any info on how to set this up.  Is it restricted to certain advertisers? 

Jeremi D
November 2016 - last edited November 2016

I'm finding the same problem. It seems like the product has been disconnected, there's no links through to an official setup guide?


I found this, but still having troubles navigating these instructions (also seem outdated):