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Boost Your Remarketing and Mobile Strategy With IF Functions

They say the key to a great ad is making it as relevant to your customer as possible. Google just launched IF functions to make this even easier for advertisers!


IF functions empowers advertisers with the ability to deliver custom, relevant ad copy to their users in an easy way. All you have to do is insert a rule in their ad and if a condition is a met a customized message can be inserted into the ad. This new IF function feature is very similar to Ad Customizers, but the great part is that advertisers do not have to create a data feed in the interface. You can customize what copy is shown based off a user’s device or which audience they belong to (e.g., Shopping Cart Abandoners, Past Converters, Site Visitors, etc .) For example, a car repair store can offer mobile users a certain discount since they know they’re probably in more desperate need of a repair than a desktop user. Or an online clothing store can offer a special discount to a shopping cart abandoner. Needless to say, this feature is a great way to boost a business’ mobile and remarketing initiatives.


How does this benefit you? There are four main benefits to the new IF Function feature:


  1. Relevant Creative: IF Functions allow advertisers to deliver customers creatives based on a user’s context.
  2. Easy implementation: Unlike the Ad Customizers, advertisers do not have to create a data feed. All you have to do is make a customization within the ad creative.
  3. Mobile: Now that Standard Text Ads have been rationalized and Expanded Text Ads are the new ad format, mobile preferred ads are no longer offered. But IF functions allow advertisers to have ads specifically for mobile users without having to create a separate campaign.
  4. Easy Backup: Because the IF function feature has advertisers put in a default text, you do not have to create an additional back up static ad. With the in line format, if the logical test fails, the ad will just use the default text.


So how do you set it up?  It’s easy! Just follow these 3 steps:


  1. Set up a text ad in the Ads tab of your campaign. In the field where you would like your IF statement (headline 1, 2, or description), enter in a curly bracket {. This will activate the drop down menu of ad customizations to appear.dsfadsa .png
  2. Select the IF Function option
  3. You can choose to set either the device or the audience as the condition. The syntax for both device and audience conditions are {=IF(Condition,insert text):default text}
    1. Some examples are:
      1. Device: {=IF(device=mobile,Use our mobile app):Best price guarantee}
      2. Audience: {=IF(audience IN (Returning visitors,Cart abandoners),30%):25%}.

See some examples in action below:





dsaf dsa.png

IF functions are compatible with the following Ad formats and features:

  • Dynamic keyword insertion
  • 3rd party tracking
  • Dynamic search ads
  • Ad extensions
  • Audiences: RLSA, customer match, and user lists imported from Google Analytics.
  • Ad variations


IF Functions are NOT compatible with the below:

  • Text Ads serving on the Google Display Network
  • Audiences: similar audiences and demographics for search ads
  • Search app install ad format
  • Call only ads


The IF Function feature can be a major part in enhancing your business’ mobile and remarketing strategy. It gives advertisers the power to give custom, relevant information to users based off their context. Without having to set up separate campaigns, advertisers can now speak to their loyal customers differently from a new customer on the search network. Businesses can now capitalize on mobile users by featuring different call to actions or offers.


Get started with IF Functions today!


Already started using IF Functions? Tell us about the results you’re seeing!