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Back to Basics: Work More Effectively & New UI 6-6



We’ve come to the final installment in our Google AdWords Best Practices posts. This has been an excellent way to refresh our memories and help train any new team members we bring into the fold. The fact is, when you work in search advertising, everything can and will change. Sometimes the changes come slowly and give us time to prepare for them, but others come so fast that we never even saw them coming. These Best Practices will always be adapted to whatever changes have been made to the AdWords system, so keeping the links and information within easy reach is just common sense. That way, the next time you need a reminder about the best path to take, you simply open up this resource and all your answers are right there. It can and will save you time and money – not to mention stress.


Back to Basics: Work More Effectively & New UI 6-6



Test with Confidence in AdWords: Decide-Create-Analyze


This article only applies to the new AdWords experience:
 Determine which AdWords experience you’re using


Manage Campaigns in the New AdWords Experience: Manage-Take-Get-Find

Manage your campaigns the same way

  • Manage your campaigns the same way you always have.
  • Use predefined reports that were previously found on the Dimensions Tab
  • Keep using the API & Editor as always

Take Advantage of Features Exclusive to the New Experience

Get More Done in Less Time

  • Create better campaigns, faster
  • Keep better track of your bid adjustments
  • Manage your extensions seamlessly
  • Navigate quickly by hitting G, then T

Find the Right Insights

  • Use the Overview page to get insights about your performance at a glance
  • Edit the metrics and time frame covered by your cards
  • Add your most important reports to Dashboards
  • Troubleshoot more efficiently with the redesigned change history
  • Review your Opportunities regularly


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Thanks to the help file authors for creating such a wonderful layout and thanks to all of you who followed the series.
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