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Back to Basics: Show the Right Message 2-6



Last week, we began going through Google’s Best Practices for AdWords due to my agency working on a training guide for new employees. After all the time we spent referencing them, I decided it would be beneficial to share this information with all of you. It never hurts to have the definitive answer to your question at hand, and have it be based on Google's internal data and vetted by the people that built AdWords. If you’re anything like us, you’ll keep this close for future reference because it’s actually useful.


Back to Basics: Show the Right Message 2-6


Create Effective Text Ads: Take-Write-Set-Test

Successful marketers need to deliver the right messaging for the right moment. Better creatives improve ad relevance and drive more qualified clicks from your text ads.



Enhance Your Ads with the Right Extensions: Understand-Manage-Report

Ad extensions provide additional information and let people take action directly from the search results. Here are some tips on making your extensions as appealing as possible.



Create Effective Display Ads: Determine-Craft-Make-Create-Test

The three critical elements of a display ad are the image, message, and design. This checklist outlines how to create effective responsive ads and image ads so that you can improve conversions, brand recall, and engagement. 




Using Quality Score to Guide Optimizations: What-Diagnose-Follow-Six Things

This ad quality best practices guide explains what Quality Score is and how you can use it to improve your ad performance in AdWords. 

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Mian A


Great check list for everyone!

The printable guide and checklist are fantastic!

I've managed 10/10 on several keywords but some have been stuck at 5/10 and 6 or 7/10 and it's driven me nuts!  Looking forward to implementing these strategies!


As a small business owner I manage our AdWords, research keywords, build campagins, etc. and guides like this are so valuable.  Thank you!

Thank you @Mian A for the feedback!

I agree any tools that help the effort are a plus, glad you found these useful, my team loves them too, thanks for dropping by and the feedback! @stephanie f

Jeaneth J

Ok thanks im new here

Dianne D

This is excellent! Thank you @Spencer_Wade

Thanks for the feedback @Dianne D Smiley Happy