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Back to Basics: Optimize to Full Value 3-6


We stand at Week 3 of our Best Practices discussions and it’s time to start talking about optimization. Take your time and go through everything you find here. It will only help you in your efforts moving forward. Pay special attention to the Whys discussed in each segment. They can give you excellent insights into the meaning behind the moves you make. These best practices will be a real lifesaver when it’s time to train a new employee, or dive back into an account after time away.


Back to Basics: Optimize to Full Value 3-6



 Adjusting Bids to Maximize Profits: Steps-Concerns

Maximizing profit should be the performance goal of every AdWords account. Here are 4 steps to effectively manage your bids and maximize profits.



 A Guide to Bid Adjustments: Understand-Automate-Create-Manage

Bid adjustments are an integral part of AdWords that can help you improve performance. This guide is intended to help you set the best bid adjustments possible. Across ads on Search, Display and devices of all types, use your bid modifiers to meet your advertising goals.




 Automating Your Bidding Strategy: Take-Manage-Pick-Test-Improve

Automating your bids with AdWords can deliver better, more informed bids while saving you time. In this guide, we’ll talk about why you should use automated bidding, which strategy to choose, and how to test it in your account.




 Optimizing AdWords with Google Analytics: Pull-Analyze

Your insights get better when you use AdWords with Google Analytics. Improve your bidding, messaging and performance through these analyses.




 Beyond Last-Click Attribution: Determine-Choose-Act-Evolve

The customer journey can be long and complex, not only across time but across devices. Here are Google's recommendations and AdWords attribution best practices.



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