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Back to Basics: Finding New Customers 1-6

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As my agency began work on a training guide for new employees, we found ourselves continually returning to Google’s own Best Practices for AdWords. Because of this dependence, I decided it would be beneficial to share this information with all of you. It never hurts to have the definitive answer to a best practice question on hand, based on Google's internal data and vetted by the people that built AdWords, so if you’re anything like us, you’ll keep this close for future reference.


Back to Basics: Finding New Customers 1-6

Choosing the Right Keywords: Align-Manage-Find-Expand-Refine
Download a printable version of the [guide] and [checklist] & Check out the [Video]

Optimizing Dynamic Search Ads: Create-Exclude-Maximize
Exclude Traffic You Don't Want To Fine-Tune Your DSA Campaigns [Video]
Combine DSA With Other Tactics to Improve Performance - Google Best Practices: [Video]

Making the Most of Display Advertising: Set-Reach-Match-Optimize
Set Your Display Campaigns Up For Success: [Video
Reach the Right Audience at the Right Moment with Display Ads - Google Best Practices: [Video]
Match the Message and Bid to the Moment: [Video]
Optimize for Better Display Performance - Google Best Practices: [Video
Making the Most of Display Advertising on the Google Display Network: [Video]

Press Play on TrueView Video Ads: Set-Capture-Reach-Track
Define the right objectives for your TrueView video campaigns: [Support
Create compelling video ad creatives: [Support]
Optimize your video audience lists: [Support]
Track and optimize video ad performance: [Support

Finding the Right Mobile App Users: Track-Decide-Promote-Customize
How to track in-app conversions: [Support]
How to think about what’s valuable to your app: [Support]
Promote your app with universal app campaigns: [Support
Customizing your ads to reach your audience: [Support]

Expand Your Business Globally: Discover-Connect-Set up-Automation
Discovering your global opportunities: [Support]
Reaching and connecting with new markets: [Support]
Setting up your account for international optimization: [Support]
Using automation to scale your coverage across the globe: [Support]


Drive Sales with Gmail Ads: Show-Entice-Design-Optimize
Showing your Gmail ads to the right people: [Support]
Enticing people to click on your collapsed ads: [Support]
Designing an expanded ad that converts: [Support]
Optimizing your Gmail ads for success: [Support]


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H/T: To the Google Team/ Source: Google Best Practices

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