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App-propriate Targeting - Do Mobile Apps Make Sense for Your Display Efforts?

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The Google Display Network’s ability to display ads in mobile apps can help generate valuable traffic; however, sometimes it does not make sense for the product or business you’re promoting. Thus, if you or your client would like to exclude mobile apps, you’ll want to exclude the placement “adsenseformobileapps.com.” This will prevent you or your clients’ ads from showing in mobile apps on the GDN. 

Two important notes: first, if you try to exclude “www.adsenseformobileapps.com,” this will not work. Your exclusion must only be “adsenseformobileapps.com.” Second, the YouTube mobile app is included as an exclusion with this method, and excluding the placement “YouTube.com” will include the YouTube mobile app as well.
Finally, if you or your clients are looking to harness apps to drive engagement and conversions at scale, but don’t want to show in all eligible apps, I’d recommend excluding specific apps instead. You can do so with the following notation: “adsenseformobileapps.com/ [Insert app ID (for iOS) or package name (Android)]

For more information on how to target or exclude webpages and mobile apps, check out this resource:https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2454012?hl=en

Do you use app targeting for your or your clients’ campaigns? What else would you like to know about mobile apps? Let us know in the comments!