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Analytics Users Flow Report

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As we all know, linking AdWords to Analytics is a great way to get deeper data and better reporting on a client’s website. One report I love that is underutilized is the Analytics Users Flow report under Audiences (https://goo.gl/Myo6XR). You can segment this report by location, AdWords Campaign, and much more. It provides a great way to visually display this for clients and highlight different types of traffic during updates and presentations of results. Do your clients find the Users Flow report valuable as well?
Additionally, for future Analytics posts, what are reports you would like to learn more about or reports that clients have issues with? Sound off in the comments! 


Claire B
April 2016

how does GA define a returning user?  Are IPs tracked?  Cookies?  Is there a time period where GA no longer considers people to be returning users?  ie if they have previously visited more than 2 years ago?  Are they then considered a new user again? 

Nadezda K
April 2016


Thank you for the information about the User Flow report, I should check it some time.


As for the questions I do not understand why when I build a segment the number of transactions (it can be viewed for instance in the Audience reports with my segment chosen) differs from the number of conversions for the goal "Transactions" of the e-commerce goals in the multi-channel report "Top Conversion Paths"?